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Clean Energy Is America’s Next Frontier & Path to a Safer Climate


Clean Energy Is America’s Next Frontier & Path to a Safer Climate

Vignesh Ramachandran, Amanda Levin

NRDC’s new report, America’s Clean Energy Frontier: The Pathway to a Safer Climate Future, shows how the United States can meet our short- and long-term climate goals relying primarily on today’s proven clean energy solutions—and with tremendous climate and health benefits that far surpass the cost.


We’re likely to go extinct first!


Rail-Volution Sept 17-20, Denver premier conference on energy efficiency.
Urbanism and transit plan planning. Self-driving car joke central.
A 16th Street hybrid/electric natural gas bus shuttle is free.
Denver LRT saved the grassland prairie.
Credit Carter era energy policy.


For all the grown ups and non-fatalist minded souls, it is an encouraging pleasure to see these young people rolling up their sleeves and tackling the problem of just how is it that we will ensure a hospitable climate for the future. Nay Sayers and those who favor that dreary romanticism of doom with its lurid recitations of finality for a fossil fuel addicted humanity, should pay heed to the most welcome emergence of a new generation educated and trained to find solutions to the environmental problems that will beset the lives of their generation the most.

Gee sorry to disappoint all those who with appalling emotive and overly practiced drama insist that the ‘end is nigh’! I wouldn’t bet on it.

Then again if Trump is reelected … ? I wouldn’t bet on that either!

In any case try at least to help out by not voting for Republicans! Theirs is a psychopathic greed and an oligarchic fascism.


Excuse me for pointing out the obvious. We could have had an entire twenty century of clean free energy but for a conspiracy by the likes of J P Morgan the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s but that would have interfered with the above and other elites able make untold billions dirty filthy foul oil and sale to we the people expensive energy.They J P Morgan in particular upon discovering his inventor Nikolai Tesla about to bring forth free clean energy pulled the plug his long island towers project and sadly the results our fouled environment ever since.Hell another capitalistic scam great read "the creature from Jekyll island. Scan running stealing untold trillions our wealth private central banks wake up no media entire country perhaps the entire world worth a crap.Elites with their ill gotten gains this scam bought control all media and all MIC and all ever since lied us into every war for their profits.Hell 9/11 classic planes strikes a high rise the plane gets demolished not the building. hell you tube video military accelerated a plane to 500 MPH into a concrete barrier like you see any federal building. Results real world concrete block remained intact but plane demolished. real world same ought happened that sad day, think.


The article says the US wastes outright, by our own standards, 70% of the energy it uses. But by any rational standard, not only that 70% but probably at least 70% of the rest is wasted too, on trivial materialism, distraction from reality and destructive pursuits that express the rage civilization causes. The task of the US military, the largest single-entity user of fossil fuels on the planet, has been not to defend the US but to extend its empire throughout the world. While it’s failed miserably at winning anything the past several generations, it succeeds in wasting almost all the energy it uses, while also enriching those involved in making it—and not coincidentally impoverishing almost everyone else.

70% renewable by 2050 is too little too late. While the disruptive technologies pointed out in the video below will help a lot, a government-led climate mobilization is crucial to eliminating fossil fuel use in time to avoid catastrophe—at least 90% of it in the next 5-8 years. One recent report of more leeway notwithstanding, we won’t stay under 1.5°C over pre-industrial temperature. In fact we won’t stay under 2°, and every year we delay is a guarantee of more deaths and extinctions and a longer time before civilization and the biosphere can recover from chaos and collapse. Right now our inaction means we’re trading others’ lives so rich, mostly white men can avoid having bad feelings.


https://climatecrocks.com/2017/09/16/the-weekend-wonk-tony-seba-on-disruptive-energy-technologies/ Ignore the 8 min. video, watch the 1 hr. one. If you haven’t been keeping up with the subject, prepare to have mind blown.


How about building Trump’s desired wall, but make it have solar panels and the infrastructure to use the power generated from them? Being the “maverick” progressive that I am in being anti-illegal-immigrant, I find this synergy a great thing to pursue,


The most productive installation of photovoltaic solar arrays is rooftop, matched to EV battery packs in the garage as a backup power supply, especially important in grid failure, and the means to more closely monitor and reduce both household energy consumption and driving. It’s a choice to use the energy - for driving or household use - which leads to less driving, more walking, using mass transit and bicycling as the affect of driving less influences how neighborhoods may develop into places that become more than ‘garages with attached houses’ in sprawling suburbs of separately fenced housing compounds amid miles of traffic racing to and from freeways and strip malls.