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Cleaning the Corporate Dirt from the GOP Budget


Cleaning the Corporate Dirt from the GOP Budget

Julie Chinitz

While Donald Trump is busy appointing corporate lobbyists and white supremacists to key positions on his staff, Congress remains in session. Lawmakers are now working on a budget that could make or break the balance sheet for families.

Yet again, the GOP Congress failed to pass a budget in early fall, passing a continuing resolution that funds the federal government only through Dec. 9. With Congress back in session after the elections, lawmakers are tasked once again with drawing up a budget.


Don, notice what group in our society ALWAYS pays for the type of "water" you are suggesting, and what group NEVER pays. You seem to want America to learn a "hard lesson", but the poor and downtrodden get those LESSENS every day. The ones who need to learn your lessons are so protected and insulated they can just fly off to any their villas in foreign countries when this one finally crashes from their excesses. Just as a person in the desert can get so nuts from thirst that he tries to drink sand, America's voters have gotten so desperate that they will push any and every button in the voting booth to try to relieve their pain.