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"Clear Attack on the First Amendment": Trump's Authoritarianism Denounced for Stripping Press Credentials From CNN's Jim Acosta


"Clear Attack on the First Amendment": Trump's Authoritarianism Denounced for Stripping Press Credentials From CNN's Jim Acosta

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just hours after President Donald Trump called CNN political reporter Jim Acosta a "rude, terrible person" during a post-midterm press conference, the White House suspended the journalist's credentials on Wednesday night – a move that prompted outrage from the cable network and press freedom advocates called a "clear attack on the First Amendment."


It is not…This is more CNN in the headlines again…BS.,Really, just consider CNN a RANT channel


You’re comment reflects a complete lack of understanding about what the First Amendment is all about. Censoring speech on the basis of content is a violation of civil rights. In this case, the White House simply made up facts, that is, lied, about what happened because they don’t like Acosta or CNN. Apparently you share their small world view. What’s the matter, Faux News not satisfying your myopia?


The putz doesn’t own the White House, we do. A just response would be to simply go dark on him, let FOX propaganda deal with him.
Does president putz know that Amendment 1 reads?

Amendment 1
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievance
Then we have that major truth bender Kellyanne Conway?
He and his architects, Stephen Miller, haven’t done well in American civics. They were apparently in the back of the class flicking dead flies at the ceiling.


Speaking of rants click bait.


There are no rant news channels. CNN is a news channel. There is one US cable news channel which could be called a propaganda channel and that is Fox News.



You are on the wrong side of sanity.


This is just another 24/7 joyride in Trumpville. Today, after he got his balls kicked up to his shoulder blades in the mid-term, he wants the MSM to respond to " get the squirrel ", yet again.
The Sessions firing was cooked into the possum stew a year ago. The 3 ring MSM circus beat that probable story to death 60 days ago and still they want another ladle full of old putrid stew. Amazing. Mr. Acosta will be just fine and soon.
The Democrats should monkeywrench this Major League P.O.S., pronto. Drop the old rulebook or hit Trump over the effin’ head with it. Then, send this guy some subpoenas as a New Year’s gift.

  1. Threatens war with Congress if it begins legitimate investigations into presidential wrongdoing.

Nancy Pelosi of course, has his back. No worries for the fascist dickhead Trump.


I doubt very much that Nancy would allow such treatment of the fascist dickhead Trump.


Where was the press and Acosta when the village idiot and darth vader lied us into war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hypocrites all. Not one question was asked of the idiot and no follow ups on why the so-called 911 investigation was delayed for 2 years while the evidence was removed from the scene of the crime. The media led by the two zionist rags has propagandized the people since the cover up of the JFK Hit Carlin was correct, " believe nothing the govt says"


So, when did reposting a whole bunch of tweets from relatively unknown people become an acceptable substitute for professional journalism? Seems like a lazy way of constructing a narrative.


I’m most concerned about the treatment of Julian Assange, a true journalist. The mainstream press in the USA has said nothing about his imprisonment in the embassy in London, since they are simply lackeys of the corporate world.


He can get his press credentials back by visiting the Saudi Arabian consulate and filling in some paperwork. He will need to notify them 48 hours in advance so that they are ready.


The nobility of the press conference is that of one citizen facing another citizen. Not one citizen facing a noble.


“Where was the press and Acosta when the village idiot and darth vader lied us into war in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Actually, I think that’s one thing we can thank trump for, he got the freaking press to begin doing its job once more. I grew up with war coverage of Vietnam, when the press did real reporting, but somewhere along the line the press evolved into an opportunity for each “side” of an issue to be presented on equal terms, no challenges or fact checks allowed, please. Under that scenario, Republicans were free to lie and lie and lie with no repercussions. trump has been sooooo bad that the press has, once again, begun to challenge perspectives that are obviously false. But it has been a process as initially the very word “lie” was avoided at all costs whereas now it appears regularly next to trump’s name. Progress is being made.


Go dark on him? The news media–including this website–now primarily exists to feed the trump troll.

What are you going to pay attention to instead, all those brilliant policy proposals from Pelosi and Schumer?


Indeed, under the Trump regime, anyone who asks the fake president a real question, and quizzically, tries to get a reasonable answer, is automatically a fake “rude and terrible person”.
What isn’t fake but horrific is the hubris and corruption as the Trump swamp is overflowing with its undemocratic political excrement. Remove this autocrat from office asap. The president, in full view, is and has been interfering with a justice department investigation.


If the Press really wanted to flex their muscle, they should boycott ALL press briefings. They could provide a single journalist with a list of questions to confront the Orange Turd. He would not be able to switch to another interviewer. He would either have to respond to the list of questions or flee. They should adopt this format for as long as he remains in office. Their action of solidarity would speak louder than any op-ed.


President Stu Pidaso loves this. He hates CNN but deliberately calls on Acosta in a room full of 50 reporters.