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"Clear Attack on the First Amendment": Trump's Authoritarianism Denounced for Stripping Press Credentials From CNN's Jim Acosta


Nancy has 5 kids. I’m sure she can handle Herr Trump when he has a tantrum or two…or three…or four…


That is a completely irrelevant reply.


Nancy Pelosi won’t be running Congressional Committees herself. Maxine Waters will be running Finance, Jerry Nadler will be running Judiciary, and Adam Schiff will be running Intelligence. Contrary to a lot of the progressive footstomping that goes on here, I actually think legislative and legal experience will be exactly what we need in the ugly arena that we are playing in.

Trump’s folks have already spoken about a strategy to drive cleavages in the Democratic caucus in the House. Drawing people into pissing matches over stupid stuff that plays well on television is exactly what Trump excels at. He was the MSM copy editor for the last two weeks of the election in driving stupid caravan coverage. I know this won’t be appreciated here, but I think (hope) Pelosi will keep things on track in a way that might frustrate us, but aid congressional chairs in doing their very important work, while keeping away from outrage-of-the-day nonsense.


Exactly as I had predicted Pelosi is sending her signals that Corporate State Democrats will continue what they have done for the last 40 years which is to retain pseudo or direct alliances with Republicans in advancing corporate power, diminishing the voices of those calling out historic inequities, and advancing (in the case of Democrats actually having some power in at least the House, Senate, or Presidency) incrementally neoliberal austerity policies that will amount to cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and such policies that will advance privatization of publicly held assets like utilities, as well as further cement control of the healthcare system by corporations by opposing outright any political movement that gains ground regarding Medicare for All or HR 676.

This of course is the reality of what is meant by “bipartisanship” and “working boldly” to “get things done for the American people” and other such fucking tripe.

Considering everything that has happened, how the Republican majority has done nothing to check Trump at his ugliest but rather aggressively used their power to advance regressive policies, stoke White Nationalism, misogyny, hate against LGBT and the rest…what does Pelosi do the very first day? Assert that she is willing to work with “bipartisanship” with that. Right?

Where is the willingness to work with “bipartisanship” with the majority of people in this country who support Medicare for All? Where is the pronouncement that cuts that have already happened to programs that help the poor, elderly, children etc…that those cuts by God will be restored? And that so-called “obstructionism” against right wing assaults on the safety net, and regulatory agencies would be the absolute just and right thing to do in the interests of the majority of people in this country?

Furthermore, mark my clucks. There will be no criminal indictment of Trump. Zero, zilch, nada.

Pelosi will NOT allow impeachment proceedings to proceed even if criminality is indicated, and this will of course be (and already is being) promoted as the most “prudent” approach “going forward” and that “for the good of the country such divisiveness as impeachment should not be pursued” and other such tripe.


I don’t know what you are talking about. She gave a bland, standard victory speech. Is that where you are getting your information? She doesn’t run jurisdictional committees where hearings on legislation occur, witnesses are called to testify, reports are received, or subpoenas are issued from. We don’t even know the full composition of the committees yet. And, exactly what charges do you want her to bring impeachment up on? There hasn’t even been a legitimate House investigation and the two prior cases of impeachment charges came after independent counsels rendered their findings. Hell, she hasn’t even sat in the speakers chair yet.

Like it or not, until she (or another person) are seated in January, we’re going to have to sit tight. After that, I suspect we are going to see a lot of activity, including hearings on healthcare.


Just mark my clucks as to my overall predictions.

Was Pelosi’s “impeachment off the table” bland pronouncements as well?

What, a “standard victory speech” is by definition charting out a path of “bipartisanship” with Congressional Republicans who have had nothing but a record of advancing the very worst and darkest policies of Trump and their own right wing agenda?

Again, check back with me when any serious consequence arises from investigations.

And please make sure to check in with me the day that Pelosi, or other leadership Democrats pronounce that impeachment should not be pursued, even if criminality is implicated by any such investigation of Trump’s actions.

Please please do that. I want to be wrong, I do.

And also, please don’t forget that my perspective is one that is informed by the stark REALITY that the leadership of the Democrats along with Republicans form a duopoly that is set on advancing corporate power and the power of super wealthy individuals and opposed to any true progressive policy on healthcare, the military, et al that would advance the interests of the masses.

Think of MSM and the arguments you never hear. When was the last time any MSM advanced the voices of those wanting less military spending, and advancing a universal single payer system, for instance. From PBS to FOX those voices, those interests are stifled.

And Pelosi, and Corporate State Democrats along with Republicans are all on the same team on that one.


The Info Wars just distributed a doctored video of Acosta and the intern. But this is about a much bigger issue- with a sociopath for president, and his white nationalists who love him.


Impeachment should never be off the table. Maybe Pelosi won;t be speaker. That’s like Obama waving off the global crash and saying we need to move on.


Genius sheer genius. Nearly biblical. Answer; The stench coming from Commander putz and his crowd of swamp dwellers leaves little choice. .Pelosi and Schumer, to their credit, are, at least trying to reason with the spineless adolescent voters that power Commander Putz.


Acosta was disrespectful to our President, the young lady and also to the other reporter who were waiting their turn to speak. I know he didn’t push her, but he did block her attempt to take the mic. He has to follow protocol and be polite. He didn’t do so, so he deserves the punishment!

He was told to hand over the mic, but refused, and continued with his 2nd challenge even after the President told him to stop. That is not appropriate.

Acosta is a disgrace, and should only be allowed back after he apologizes to the president, the young lady he bullied, and also to his colleagues.

Be honest with yourselves. If a reporter had done that to Obama, you all would want that reporter to be removed.


For an anti-impeachment bipartisan love-fest person, it looks like Pelosi and others in leadership may have some consequential ideas already:

They’ll have to get some Republican lame ducks to support this, but with Trump pissing on “losers” it may be possible. Or, they wrangle out a small continuing resolution, but the problem there are new Republican Senators who owe their seats partly to Trump.


Respect is earned, it is not an entitlement. Trump is so lacking in the qualities deserving of it as to be barred from ever expecting it.

It was Trump and his intern who were disrespectful of Acosta, not the other way around. Free speech comes with no conditions, other than to avoid speech which incites violence or criminal behavior or puts others at risk of physical harm. None of that was present here.

As for you attempted barb about Obama, it is inconceivable that Obama would have ever acted like Trump did. It is a qualitative difference between the two. Obama has repeatedly dealt with aggressive reporters without ever losing his cool. Even if a reporter acted as Acosta did, he would have brushed it – as would I.

We are not like you in this respect apparently.


Exactly. Obama would turn, take a second or two to see who had spoke and to defuse the moment, and respond in a level headed manor. If he could he would end the encounter with a moment of levity. That’s character.