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Clearing EU Hurdles, Greek Austerity Package Moves Forward


Clearing EU Hurdles, Greek Austerity Package Moves Forward

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


…because the solution to excess debt is more debt…


" Austria approved it earlier in the day, and next in line are Latvia and Estonia"

This is a plan to turn over ownership of all of Europe to private interests, and destroy in
their hope, socialism once and for all…
The socialist policies of European countries as been a pain in the side of the neo-liberal
capitalists system for a very long time.
The European Union was constructed carefully and cleverly to create a situation that would allow the financial interests to overrule governments and referendums. To take away countries rights to print their own currencies. To steal away their sovereignty.
This is an aspect of it that is totally ignored in the mainstream. And if brought up, would most likely be dismissed very quickly, as a conspiracy theory.
Another question that is not being asked in the MS is the question of “what the hell happened to democracy?”


And so, another nation is sold into slavery, poverty and death by its own government. I don’t imagine many of the Hellenic Parliament come from the streets, they are probably from the wealthy, who have already feathered their nests, and will no doubt get many more feathers from their corporate bankster masters.

  • We are again seeing that elected governments do not represent their people, but only the wealthy and powerful.
  • The troika intends to destroy and dismember Hellas as an object lesson to any other poor country who desires democracy, freedom and dignity.
  • Around three thousand years ago, the overwhelming army and navy of the Persian King tried to destroy Hellas, and little Hellas sent them packing.
  • More recently, the Nazis attempted to destroy Hellas and nearly succeeded, but they didn’t.
  • Then came the coup and the military tried to destroy Hellas as a democratic state, but they didn’t make it.
  • Hellas fell for the hype of the troika who said they would aid Hellas to recover, then used their loans to strip Hellas of what little was left, turning them into serfs on their own land and in their own cities.
  • Finally, Hellas stood up to the bandits and said OXI to their latest raid. The poorer nations started to take heart, to feel that they might have a chance to regain their own nations from the banksters.
  • As Hellas began to take heart, to hope to be able to stand alone and rebuild their raped nation, their own alleged government, their wealthy parliamentarians voted overwhelmingly to sell the nation down the river to slavery and destruction, for probably more than thirty pieces of silver.
  • Hopefully, there are may be many in Hellas who will echo the words of Patrick Henry, and of their own leaders of old who said, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, Give me Liberty, or give me Death!”
  • If so, the struggle may be long and costly, but perhaps the struggle will give hope to other raped nations, and perhaps even encourage other nations, not under the sway of a Nazified Europe, or the US Fourth Reich and its minions, to help them in their struggle.
  • Perhaps the Cradle of Democracy may once again point the way for Democracy and Freedom to survive against overwhelming odds.
  • We can only hope, help, and pray.


Always. And at the cost of your public services, your land, your very life.


Great article from Harpers for the interested…

What Europe’s “leaders” do care about is power. They posture for their own parliaments and domestic polities. There is an eastern bloc, led by Finland, which is right-wing and ultra hard line. There is a model-prisoner group—Spain, Ireland, and Portugal—which is faced with Podemos and Sinn Fein at home and cannot admit that austerity hasn’t worked. There is a soft pair, France and Italy, which would like to dampen the threats from Marine Le Pen and Beppe Grillo. And there is Germany, which, it is now clear, cannot accept debt relief inside the euro zone, because such relief would allow other countries in trouble to make similar demands. Europe’s largest creditor would then face a colossal write-off, and the Germans would face the stunning realization that the vast debts built up to finance their exports over the past fifteen years will never be repaid.


HI, great comment though i’d argue that the Fourth Reich is a global cabal of bankers and billionaires not just one made up of US vampires. The borders serve the global vampires because they are invisible to the movement of capital while at the same time corralling labour which allows the capitalists to ‘profit’ by moving their ill-gotten wealth to wherever the price of labour is the lowest.


<a href=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu_VqX6J93k>The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is a great book… the link is to the video which explains concisely all about the global banking cartel


TPP, TTIP, TISA – they’re coming for the U.S.A., among others, next.


As if some of us haven’t figured this out:

“The Leaders of Greece Are Some of the Phoniest Idealists You’ll Ever See”



Use the local political power to enforce the capture of anything of value for the few wealthy squid at the top gathering with global greed and speed. Sign contracts that are basically criminal, but used in a self-righteous manner. “Nation” is an out-dated concept to vulture capitalism, but a very useful device. When in a criminal environment, no obligation to be “legal”. Take the money and allow the people to do what is best for their “tribe”. The greedy-guts will go on a diet or die from their own acid nature. The Greeks are watching their old, sick, poor die early deaths. They are motivated to do what is best for them regardless of the insane “contracts” coming from the EU.


When is a hurdle not a hurdle?

When its a 'ha ha’. This something startlingly similar to deviously concocted strategies of centuries if not millennia ago and, like the name implies, is intended for a ‘gottcha’ advantage.

The parallel of creating a ‘hurdle’ that is dug out of the earth is similar to grabbing power by creating ‘depths’ of debt. The media ploy, again in the same vein, appears to be the manipulation of perceptions to look for one set of circumstances while applying another.


Oh, you’re absolutely right, there. I use the US Fourth Reich as a focal point as so much has been spawned and spread from there.

  • It is global in nature and it would sadden, though not surprise me, to find that BRICS is a creation of the same criminals, as a reserve backup in case the world decides to finally trash the dollar as a reserve currency.
  • Empires all crash and burn eventually, often because of their own dry rot, but the cost to humanity, and the world, is always horrendous.
  • I hope Hellas will recognize the dry rot that is their government, throw them to the wolves, and look for some good leadership that is sworn to Hellas, not to their bank accounts and “who they know.”


Isn’t that the truth! This line gives me some hope, however: “Both he and Merkel said the deal was a ‘last attempt’ to help Greece”. When the Greeks default again maybe then hello BRICS.


It would sadden me too if we learn at some point that BRICS is a backup plan hatched by the Bankers and Billionaires Club. Hadn’t though of that, don’t know whether to thank you for pointing it out or dispair the potential popping of my hope bubble.

i agree that much of the criminal banksterism has been centered in the US, but certainly not all. Unfortunately far to often Americans see every situation through an American focus when it’s more often a global, not national, class struggle. It’s unfortunate also that when an issue is only seen from that US perspective [and i understand that perspective is difficult to avoid when one is living in the “USA, USA, USA”] a person’s conclusions often end up corralled by those Yanquis-centric assumptions.


Well, no matter which is the tail, and which is the dog, We the People of the World get the fleas, and often get bitten.


Hmmm and so it seems that now Greece has been given one more opportunity to say “Fucl( you” to this Troika. Don’t mess it up again!


hell, now i’m itchy as well.


ANY grand global scheme to organize economies and finances should be watched skeptically.


Hi, i hope you’re correct and they do hit the road…but i don’t understand, what new opportunity to do so do you mean?