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"Clerical Error"? Trump White House Forced to Retract False Claim Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Program


"Clerical Error"? Trump White House Forced to Retract False Claim Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Program

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Demonstrating just how easily the Trump administration's mixture of utter incompetence and malicious determination to undermine diplomacy can bring the U.S.


What about nutty-yahoo? Is he retracting too?


I know it is not proper to judge by appearances, but doesn’t Bolt-on sort of conjure up an image of Frankenstein’s monster? Or is he simply Mr. Hyde after killing his antithetical twin?


It also isn’t true that Iran Had a nuclear weapon programme. It was accused of that, but always denied the charge. We repeatedly assert that in our judicial system, people are innocent till proven guilty, but when it comes to politics that is clearly not how we operate. Moreover, despite knowing that our politicians routinely lie, our media consistently presents their lies as either truth, or mistakes. On the other hand, they always treat the statements of other country’s leaders as untrue, if our leaders tell them to. Given that the media now restrict themselves to merely churning press releases, at best, or concocting propaganda at worst, and no longer seek for the truth, it’s no wonder that we feel as if we are living in a world where solid ground is melting into chaos.


This would be comical if it wasn’t so damn tragic.


Virtually EVERYTHING said by Netanyahu pointing at Iran yesterday was TRUE ABOUT the ISRAELI NUCLEAR HISTORY UNDER HIM.


Picture now, the rolling of certain heads.


This ‘We found WMD’ thingy is getting real old…


They didn’t bring Bolton aboard for his looks.

The astounding Magnitude of Netanyahu Lies exceeds even Trump’s Pathological Lying.


“Post-truth” in action. Messaging on emotion instead of facts.



If you want to see the true axis of evil, look at the above picture…the personification of political evil!


Bullshit Bolton, this guy should be deported to Guantanamo.


Incompetent warmongers.


Might be my browser or OS, but I never see a box for a “new” comment, only one for replying.

Satellites can detect enriched Uranium? Yep, I’m as skeptical as anyone else. But…


This is actually quite frightening. These cretans are determined to start another “Iraq” on false information and lies. This time, I hope Congress or someone in government who is “adult” will put a stop to this before it goes any further.


The Reply button at the very bottom of the comments section is for new comments. I use Safari and it shows up for me. It is a blue box with a left facing arrow and the word Reply.


No of course not. I strongly suspect this “clerical error” was done in coordination with his latest flagrant lies about Iran.


No nutty has been appointed leader of the terrorist banking cabal based in New York and really close to the Wall Street casino. Since Iran has done what Iraq attempted but failed to do by dropping the dollar from oil transactions the criminal enterprise based in New York is super angry at Iran, Russia and China.


Following Joseph Goebbels script some wealthy Zionist Jews and non Jew ultra wealthy elites want to establish the 4th Reich in the USA. That is the long term plan known as “full spectrum dominance”.


We’re getting there slowly but surely…