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Cleveland Judge Recommends Charges for Police Who Killed Tamir Rice


Cleveland Judge Recommends Charges for Police Who Killed Tamir Rice

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


As empire proves its impotence abroad, it turns to eat its young. Let’s hope a prosecutor is willing to step up to the matter.


That prosecutor sounds like he needs to be prosecuted.


immediately the painting by Goya, Saturn ( Cronus) eating child , comes to mind . a good explanation on wikispaces nothing new here


I sort of wonder if this loooong delay isn’t in hope that it will eventually die out in people’s memory in time and they won’t have to do anything except come out with the usual “The officer was doing his lawful duty.”

  • This ruling is a step in the right direction. That film of Tamir Rice being shot within two seconds of the police arrival will certainly stay in my mind. Also the charade of the cops getting out and surrounding the shot boy with guns drawn and not even checking him for a pulse.
  • Sort of brings the Fourth Reich into focus, for me. I’m getting tired of seeing cops screaming at a dying man or a dead body, then putting the cuffs on him, again rarely even checking for a pulse.


A buddy of mine was T-boned by a CHP a year or so ago , his car overturned and he had a heart event . The cop would not get the nitro out of the pocket of this man he just ran into ,to stop his event . Someone who came along got it out of his pocket for him and saved him . Meanwhile the cop hummed and hawed … protect and serve ??? … WTF I have more stories but seems they make no difference




Hopefully this isnt another ploy of good marketing/public relations. Kinda like ‘Hope’. While we sit still waiting for hope, the machine moves forward.


“The petitioners argued that the statute allowed ordinary citizens to bypass the police and prosecutors; if they showed probable cause that a crime had been committed, they said, then the court had no choice but to order the officers arrested. Some legal experts said the wording was not so clear.”: Unclear wording is deliberate. Why do I get the feeling this prosecutor will not prosecute? The only people who have a right to determine the fate of the murderer in blue is the family of Tamir.


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I read the judge’s order, and he dissects the relevant law in detail. It seems that the law was revised to disallow a judge issuing an arrest order based on citizen affidavit and evidence. Now the DA fully bottlenecks and gates the process.


Looks like one honest Judge against a crooked criminal justice system. The bad judges, bad DAs, and the hand picked police friendlily grand juries are going to continue to let murdering cops off the hook. The nation and the world watched the cops gun down the suspect so fast that it was imposable in 2 seconds for them to see that it was a kid playing with a toy in the park. We will be told it wasn’t the way it looked, these were good cops. Than the media will begin a character assassination of the little boy family.There will be demonstrations. The media will tell us how poorly the demonstrators acted. There will be a few discussions about those bad toys that they make for children. and than it well be yesterdays news.