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Cleveland's All Proper Protocol: The Boy the Police Thought Needed Shooting


Cleveland's All Proper Protocol: The Boy the Police Thought Needed Shooting

More than two years after a "perfect storm of human error" whereby an officer swiftly shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice as he played with a toy gun in a park, Cleveland police have disciplined a dispatcher who failed to relay the vital facts that he was 12 and the gun was fake. Her punishment: suspension without pay for eight days. A cop who arrived later and tackled Tamir's sister got two days without pay; neither of two officers involved in the shooting was charged. So much outrage, so little time.


That dispatchers punishment will never be just the eight days of suspension, she will have to live with the knowledge that her actions, her incompetence, led to that young boy's murder.

She will live with that as long as she lives.


And people think toy guns and glorifying combat is acceptable for children. This debate has gone on for decades. Can't society give children something better to think about? I'm not blaming the parents here and I know racism is at play but that's not all that's going on here and that's the point I'm making. Why couldn't the boy have been out there tooting on a musical instrument instead? Why can't we encourage peaceful, creative, cooperative activities for children? Why does it have to be competitive sports or military combat? When was the last time a musical performance or an arts festival or even a science symposium received as much media attention as the stupid Superbowl?


The system always defends one of their own even when they are wrong. From mayors to prosecutors to police unions - doesn't matter what really happened - they invent their story and the truth be damned. This is the kind of government we have in the U.S. at local, state and federal levels. The have unleashed police forces, swat teams - the feds have lavished them with military equipment and weapons. I will never forget what the mayors and their police forces did to Occupy. They are not good people - violating human and civil rights left and right.


What pitiful punishments for such devastating wrongdoing.


We can change that. If we stop paying attention to the Superbowl, and perhaps circulate a boycott-list of entities advertising during that show, the commercial media will have to follow suit. Let us collectively refuse to consume commercial entertainment for a better society.



Good idea which I already follow.


Here's another one, that didn't get too much attention. Then again, the victim is this case was white.


I have read that the gun originally had an orange band around the muzzle that identified it as a toy. Not removing ii might have prevented the person who called 911 from calling. Of course, 911 is supposed to be for emergencies. If the person thought that it was probably a child with a toy, why call 911?


Because much, if not most, of the general public has been encouraged/conditioned/brainwashed to fear & report anything they deem slightly suspicious! This is typical of what happens, and will continue
to happen in the Paranoid States of America, in which the people are taught to fear each other, instead of their true enemy, the .01%!


Especially if the person is black.


I haven't watched the stupidbowl in decades. However, what's out there to turn my attention to? What else is going on in the world other than competitions and combat? What are people doing out there that is cooperative? Why isn't the media giving that any attention?