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Climate Action Groups and Democrats Denounce McConnell's 'Sham Vote' on Green New Deal

Climate Action Groups and Democrats Denounce McConnell's 'Sham Vote' on Green New Deal

Julia Conley, staff writer

Climate action groups joined Democratic senators Tuesday in condemning what one critic called a "cynical ploy" by Republican Party to bring the Green New Deal to a vote without any hearings or debate, in a naked attempt to divide the Democratic caucus.

The Senate was scheduled to vote on the resolution at 4:00pm Tuesday, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (D-Ky.) openly stating his intention with the vote on Twitter.

Mitch McConnell has this in common with Trump & Pence & the entire GOP Senate caucus as well as the entire House Caucus: every one of them is a very sick joke s/he insists upon playing upon her/himself first thing every morning, and ritually throughout the day, every day of the year.

Jesus keeps praying about them: “My God, My God, why dost thou so wretchedly curse them day-after-day-eternally?!”

God keeps laughing.

Well what did everyone expect? Our “Team” is constantly losing every game. Why? Because We expect Politicians and Advocate Groups to do right by us as we are Afraid to do anything ourselves. Time we faced facts and stopped pointing fingers and blaming others. It’s not only on common here, it’s on many other blogs. We don’t have a Leader because we don’t care enough to want one.


My bet is that at least 10 d-party senators vote against the Green New Deal.

Manchin, Jones, Feinstein, Sinema, Peters start my list.

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Then they will likely be primaried to let the constituents know that these candidates are losing support.
Keep up the pressure democrats, I’m sure help is on the way. Any volunteers?

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The more I read of Synemas voting record the more I wonder, who’s side is she on? Certain not the progressive one.
It’s proof of the ultimate republican victory. They have not only moved their own party to the Nazi right, they have successfully moved a significant enough portion of democratic politicos to the right as well. More than enough to prevent any progressive legislation from ever passing the senate.
Primary them all. Let’s face it, what’s the difference between the GOP having a 57 to 43 majority and having a 53 to 47 one where 4 democrats almost always vote with the republicans?
That’s right. Not a goddamn thing


According to the heading, the Senate has 57 GOP clowns. That is probably true but 6 of those 57 clowns dress as democrats. Wolfs in sheep’s clothing?


We are not permitted to primary sitting Dino’s per DCCC. So we just have to capture the Repugnant Party or vote 3rd party.

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Not only wont the Democrats run an honest primary, they can’t even hold together against Mitch McConnell. Democrats ain’t worth spit.


How can it not be the choice of an American run against anyone?

It is obvious we have no leadership. Republicans don’t lead they retreat into the dark ages and our dem leadership let’s it all happen and wring hands, oh we can’t do anything for one reason or the other. What a con jobs. I used to call it good cop, bad cop. There are no good cops.

The republican party is afloat in slime on all levels down to the people who have been convinced to vote against their own interest and educated to hate others. Sick and disgusting.

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Swallow deeply, then. It’s good training for the future air quality you’ll be tasting, seeing, smelling and living in.


Well, they went around the horn and voted present. Actually, a smart move.

Then again, I was right about Manchin, Jones, and Sinema.

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I agree, and many of the folks on this site seem to be oldsters. I am old too, but I still am a fighter. Some on here also look down of “working class” people.

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Remembeer this is OUR country not theirs.

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Well, if all you do is sit and complain, then you get what you deserve.

This one’s a lost cause, mrsann. I’m torn between total heartbreak over my precious ecosystems biting the dust, and resignation that I happen to belong to an out-of-control species at its destructive apex.

And this is why I drink.

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Sinema is an odd duck, especially cutting her teeth in the Green Party, over a decade ago. But, are there even any buses in Phoenix or Tucson? The entire place is an idling parking lot on rubber wheels. Arizona has some wonderful places to visit, but having lived and visited there, Sen. Sinema is welcome to it.

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I work at a hospital 40+ hours a week.
There’s lots of jobs in Arizona but the cost of the special wrinkle cream and sunscreen made it unaffordable for me, pretty much.

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Yes, I’m quite disappointed in Sinema. I didn’t expect her to be a complete champion of progressive ideals, but for some reason I did expect her votes to be more in line with the D party as a whole instead of toeing the line with the likes of blue dogs such as Joe Manchin et al. At this point I’m asking myself how her candidacy is different from what Martha McSally (Trump-endorsed) would have given us. Sinema was actually my only D party vote this last election cycle, and very likely could be my last. I’m beyond tired of this wolf in sheep’s clothing game.