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Climate Action, Indigenous Rights Groups Among Those Championing Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/10/climate-action-indigenous-rights-groups-among-those-championing-deb-haaland-interior

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with the morning’s news that DOug Jones is being considred for the AGs position, I think we can safely put that silly fairy tale called, “Feet to the Fire!: The Joe Biden Transformation Story” to bed now.

Thanks for nothing again, LOTE folks.

I’ll be thinking of you fondly while trying to survive the next 4 hell-years.

Glad to know you have a long term survival plan.
Some 20-30 million Americans, through no fault of their own just their rulers, currently have only a 4 week plan. Or 50 million Americans possibly, have a 4 month plan.
90 million Americans last month were planning to follow the controversial Trump/McConnell Adm.'s new " skip a meal " gov’t program. There’s one just for the kiddies, as well. I’m sure there’s a new program just for Haaland’s supporters as the Biden Adm. hands out the goodies. But, will they trickle down like a Kool-Aid stream?
President-Elect Biden appears to be trying, Houdini like, to handcuff himself before he joins the other " surrender monkeys " at an undisclosed location in Big Energy’s underground fuel tank. I’m betting that sight is close to Manhattan, though. That could be kind of ironic, right?
Good luck to you. I think we’re all going to need some. And, about 30-40% of us are going to need a lot.

Judging by this article, it’s clear that Ms Haaland is NOT qualified. How could someone like her pay back Biden’s campaign contributors? Clearly she would interfere with getting the remaining fossil fuel out of the ground and ocean beds, and likely make impertinent remarks about ancient history, justice and all that. Sounds like this other guy is much better–he has a legitimate claim to indigenous blood, but is ready to hand the corporations whatever they want.