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Climate Action Is Up to the Rest of Us Now

Climate Action Is Up to the Rest of Us Now

Emily Schwartz Greco

Responsible Americans can’t give up on shrinking the nation’s carbon footprint while a climate denialist and his fellow travelers have their way with the federal government. And while it’s true that market forces will probably help continue to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint, there’s still a lot of work to be done if Trump makes good on his plans to abandon our climate commitments.

Very good, and resist buying plastic products that are made of oil


How can this article leave out the fact that the United Nations, in 2006, determined that half of the global warming greenhouse gases created by human activity are caused by the livestock industry?



Since the Naked Ape never took science or math classes and thinks population numbers don’t matter, we are dead. Nobody wants to talk about millions of poor people slashing and burning to make charcoal for cooking and clear land for the growing beef habit.

It’s too late to even stop having babies or put up solar panels. Nothing is going to get rid of the heat energy unlimited peasant growth in the third world has released. GM still plans to put another billion peasants in China and India behind the wheel.

That alone will doom us, since it is the second biggest carbon source behind electricity generation. 65 known feedback loops make surviving five or ten years extremely problematical.

My advice is to not get involved in radical action since it won’t do any good:

The Great Barrier Reef is dying: