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Climate Action Nonprofit Launches 'Clean Creatives' Campaign Aimed at Pressuring PR and Ad Firms to Cut Ties With Fossil Fuel Clients

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/22/climate-action-nonprofit-launches-clean-creatives-campaign-aimed-pressuring-pr-and


This is THE battle of the century - and the US justice system has grow a set as it is currently condemned by association with its blind eye to Texaco/Chevron travesty in Ecuador. Fossil fuel exploitation has been weaponized since the start of the industrial revolution. The sheer scale of deadly incidents due to greed and the passes given for the destruction on so many levels is apparently the model for many pharmaceutical companies. These are problems no reasonable system can or should tolerate. Hence the rapid decline in so many aspects measured as ‘metrics’ of westernized life.

What!! They’re all connected? Bust the emperor’s couture.

Simplify, engage, support the creative and dedicated young folks.


If we are to have a true system change then we must mobilize en mass with a global wide virtual gathering to envision what we want. How about a human scale future as in Small Is Beautiful leaving in the ground any fossil fuel and coal and nuclear energy? Suspend your ideologies, demand a moratorium on business as usual come together to discuss and envision the world we want to create. It cannot be what we have now in any form.


We are in a rut, & we won’t fundamentally change our actions. We must accept that we are beyond the point of no return, yet do what we can.


Absolutely! Most importantly, DO SOMETHING!


I’ve rarely seen a more pathetic display of misdirected energy than this one, and why? Right before they voted for Biden, they heard it right from the horses mouth: positive change is “impractical!” If voters had elected Sanders they would not have to keep on him night and day in the hopes he would one day represent them, but they broadly rejected this and voted for the Prince of big banking, Biden Himself. Now people think that by quitting their jobs so they can spend the next eight years walking around full time carrying signs, that Biden will miraculously become a progressive, the very same thing those voters rejected in the primaries, and at the same time reject everything he has always stood for.


With the election of Biden, I’m seeing a dramatic halt to openness to questioning of the Washington Consensus status quo.

In many academic institutions, there are efforts to get universities to divest from fossil fuel companies and to get researchers to reject collaborations with these companies. I’ve only been privy to what is happening in a handful of places, but what I’m seeing is very disturbing. Where there were discussions over the spring and summer, now there is intense backlash by researchers who reject these efforts as an infringement on academic freedom.


Status Quo HAS To Go !


Not sure if it is fair to blame this entirely on voters seeing as how America has not had a single legitimate election since the first electronic voting machine was introduced.
American “voters” are not electing anything anymore.

At five weeks old, a Cat 4 hit the refinery town on the Texas town into which I was born. In response, the US Army Corps of Engineers built a seawall to protect our small town from future hurricane surge flooding. As I grew up I began to learn is wasn’t about the people, but about the workers who served the refineries. The capital. The machinery of capital had to be protected. That that machinery happened to be people was just happenstance. “Be careful if you gaze too long into the abyss, lest the abyss gaze into thee.”–Nietzsche


The question arises -

Is there anything or anyone in this devious conglomeration known as humanity which/who is not

a PR firm?

The election of 2020 has been nothing but PR spectacle which depended upon its ability to inflate

feelings of insecurity and desperation in its target audience so that that audience would turn out

in massive numbers to choose between two programs based on lies and misrepresentation which

are both controlled by the greediest predators.

They use every media available to manipulate their audience into celebrating their own capture

and to believe the slaughterhouse is the path to self-realization.

Advertising agencies are a minor part of the juggernaut of hubris and fraudulence which is adorned with

“identity” flags which perform as blinders.


The human race is about to get a visceral education in natural selection. There is no way out. Only through.

I would agree with this to a point, but we should not be seeing a close race on this issue in the first place. 99.9% should be supporting the most progressive candidate in the polls, and fixed machines could not reverse this without exposing massive voter fraud and irregularities. Instead its always relatively close in the polls, which are not necessarily rigged in the same way as voting machines. Blame could be placed elsewhere, for example on media who adores Trump and ignores Sanders, or on money or gerrymandering, or on education, (lack thereof), but most of the blame is on Americans who know more about last nights “Battle of the Network Stars”, “Monday Night Football”, and about 2000 year old plagiarized pagan allegorical mythology than they do about their own country’s politics or the vile candidates whom they insist on voting for.


Here is one vision posted by me from Neil J. Smith, On the Ropes:

It is a human scale for which we seek. It is livable space. It is my conviction that we must first off, figure out what is there in modernity worth while saving, then discarding the rest. To my mind, human space is first off required. A space in which we can breath, where we feel free in our person. An area in which nature embraces us as we embrace it. A recognition of our harmonics. Discover the poetics our our existence. We must first off, learn to live anew. I shall add this little thought:

“In the end (as in the beginning) it is all about life. Living life in full; which sometimes brings us to an edge, hence living on the edge, stretching the limits of our horizon. I’ve done much of that myself but what I prefer most is latching hold of a comets tail and taking flight. That is the exaltation of life. However, it takes heart.

“I repeat myself, it’s all about love."

Absolutely–it must GO!!

We need to go far beyond “walking around carrying signs.” We need to organize and connect our movements, to build power, to directly disrupt business as usual, to impose consequences when our demands are not met.

If you can give citations to any specific instances this would be appreciated.

We’ll be lucky if in two months any Americans are left who can remember what those demands are.

Well i don’t recall any demands being made! Our movements, and our protests, need to collaborate to make specific, actionable demands.

Yes, but unfortunately, they will not do something until it is too late to do something…like a climate catastrophe similar to covid-19. where millions are sick and dying from climate pollution!