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Climate Action Nonprofit Launches 'Clean Creatives' Campaign Aimed at Pressuring PR and Ad Firms to Cut Ties With Fossil Fuel Clients

I think you may be right. People are too busy right now with surviving trump, the virus, an economic downturn, getting safely through the holidays, and seeing if trump has any more cards to play before Jan. 20th.
One doesn’t have to be cynical to feel this way either.

I’m not sure why your post doesn’t have a bunch of hearts supporting you. Nice, accurate description of where we are at.
The variety of comments so far are spread out covering many different approaches to the problem at hand. OUR SICK GOVERNMENT.

Yes, and we are going through a time of decision on whether or not to continue our 20 year assault on the middle-east. In this, real “doing something” takes on a different face.

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how about a campaign to urge people to DISCONNECT from mass media so that they have the intellectual and emotional bandwidth to strategize for change at the street level? is watching a tv spot for ben and jerry’s any different than watching a tv spot for texaco?

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If you are suggesting we live in an advertisers world, you are exactly right. It is even known by other names such as propaganda and brainwashing.
We won’t convert our elderly part of the population, but must try to get through to our younger ones.

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From my perspective, they never have! All presidents are selected before they are elected( that is why Bernie never had a chance) with one exception and that was JFK who was selected but in a rare profile in courage rejected his selectors and must have known he would be assassinated for his bravery.

To paraphrase Ward Churchill: Americans are free to vote for exactly the people they are told to vote for!

Hi Webwalk.

The is a report on higher ed resistance to divestment: _https://www.chronicle.com/

There are around 5300 colleges and universities in the US. According to Inside Climate News _https://insideclimatenews.org/news/20032015/map-tracking-academias-fossil-fuel-divestment there are 28 colleges and universities that have divested. At most of these, faculty continue to engage in research funded by, or in collaboration with, corporations that are part of the fossil fuel industry.

You say ‘they’ but I ask what you do. I mean no insult I assure you but it is time to turn ones back on the naysayers and work to achieve our goals.

Thanks, i was referring more to your experience that there is renewed backlash from researchers against these campaigns.

An excellent response to Adam. I would like to believe he means well, and is sincere, but his words are stumbling blocks to progress and all that naysaying should be summarily opposed.

Hey wait a minute. As one of those “elderly” I might remind you so is Noam Chomsky and Bernie Sanders.

Thanks, but I have been doing that for many years ever since I protested the illegal, Shocking and awful attack on Iraq. But having said that you are correct…too many Progressives are keyboard warriors.

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I am not aware of any recent communications that have gone public. I can point to this, from June, because it has been made public:

Fossil fuel engineering and research is still very big at some large universities. Here’s some that have petroleum engineering programs:

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Yea saying isn’t going to help, government needs to be representative in order for the people to be represented. and all the denial in the world wont change the sordid fact that 99.9% of all democrats are right wing neoliberal extremists. Pretending that holding fast to neoliberalism but carrying signs and positive thinking will together meet the challenges we face is incredibly destructive and foolish. The false flag strategy of changing a majority of republicrats from their neoliberal ethos through protest, (enough to yield a sufficient progressive response to reverse climate change before the tipping point), is both highly disingenuous and extremely destructive of any real effort at meeting climate and the other numbered challenges we face. We should not be wasting our time endorsing ridiculous and certain to fail strategies when in the face of an existential emergency.

Oh where to begin?

Your passionate and angry post mirrors my earlier complaint about those exactly like you. Your number, 99.9% is just silly, sorry to be so brutally frank. Many democrats in elected office certainly match your far too emotional description but you, in your anger, fail to acknowledge the increasing number who do not.

Secondly my urging folks to action was directed, not at the republican party ,but at Biden and the democrats. Nor did it stop at “carrying signs and positive thinking”. You need a moer studied approach to progress and how to achieve it I fear.

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, once again I read a negative post that details our troubles, and dismisses my recommendation for action,which is of course open to critique. the worst thing about it, in my own opinion, is that it fails, again, to suggest another course of action.

So, all you do is display anger and hopelessness, which, I have noted several times, got us to where we are now. While progressives and leftists dithered and bitched, the GOP worked tirelessly to achieve what we now see. Time to stop bitching and start working. Find a road to progress that you approve of and work for it.

Or, failing that, just get out of the way.