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Climate Actions Underway Worldwide for Final Days of Break Free 2016


Climate Actions Underway Worldwide for Final Days of Break Free 2016

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Climate activists are gearing up for the final weekend of a 12-day series of actions against the fossil fuel industry—48 hours that will be taken up by rallies, protests, and civil disobedience actions around the world, organized under the banner "Break Free."


We just zoomed past 400ppm and are now adding almost 3ppm per year now.
Our fate is sealed. It's just a matter of places and dates now.

The time to do this was about 30 or 40 years ago.


If that were true then why exactly are you telling people this crap? Seriously if it were all over and done with then why continue to tell people that fact? It would be aberrant behavior on your part. Sort of bizarre fatalism mixed with a need to be a 'told you so' fool. If you believe it is too late then shut up and leave other people to try their best to avert the worst.




Demand destruction... I get the whole protest thing... I had been doing so up till say the last year and half or so... but, Do any of these people stop buying hair spray?, stop buying nail polish, start buying second hand clothes, buy second hands cars or give up a car if they can, use a bike... stop going to professional sports games, stop going to the movies, stop eating meat, or cut down, stop buying stupid plastic stuff... stop skiing ... (man made snow, or indoor ski resorts)... STOP FLYING....
I mean, if we are not going to change our BEHAVIOR, then, all the protesting in the world won't work. Many, many people I have talked with and knew, were very into protesting... and they knew a decent amount about climate change... but, they still think buying a brand new shiny electric car will help the situation... or building billions of sets of renewable equipment... just to have it light up a ridiculous foot ball stadium... If more of us change what we EXPECT.... we'd make a lot of progress... would we save ourselves.??? well, no, but, we might save some life on this planet so it could start over...


Yes... and it's very hard for some to come to terms with this... all one has to do is think about and evaluate the issue of the nuclear power plants... it will only take about two or three more to bring about extinction on a global scale..
It's sad that we let it go this far... but who knew... I didn't until about 2003-4 ...kept studying... more and more.. thought renewables were great for a while... till round 3 years ago or so.. ... now, I know that there are really no answers any more... WHO SAID HUMANS HAD THE RIGHT TO ELECTRICITY?... HABITAT DESTRUCTION ... IS WIDE SPREAD... So, it's not just about climate change... we are in the sixth mass extinction... keepin' on keepin on.. with this destructive culture... based on the need to go to work for someone to make money.... which comes from more habitat destruction... based on resource extraction, to make more products, to sell for more money..... and not JUST THE BURING OF FOSSIL FUELS.... it's our whole culture...


Please consider some Root Cause Analysis here. In order to make enduring, meaningful change, We The People must re-take control of our electoral and legislative processes. Until we rid our key processes of BIG$$, our future is truly not in our hands. Publicly Funded Elections and Lobby Controls aren't as glitzy as all the 2nd order issues, but until we get a grip on the FIRST ORDER Priority, all else will remain out of reach.


Mr Ellis, your reply was... elusive and self-contradictory -unless, of course, you were attempting to point to the ironies in that argument. "Superior intelligence"? I think you'd have a hard case supporting that conclusion.


Such drama! So deep!

What a crock! It is simple and always has been. If you sit on your rear taking it easy then someone hungrier for money will try to take advantage. We have allowed the elites and the oligarchs they serve to dominate our institutions mainly because people wanted it easy. It has been easier to sit and complain then to demonstrate against media consolidation and so we lost. It has been easier to sit back and let Bush/Cheney give **two trillion ** in tax cuts to the wealthy than to do anything to oppose it. We have become the progressive complainers but little else but that. We are not the activist progressives of yore. Luckily people are starting to become aware that if they continue to do nothing but complain then the powerful will happily continue to keep taking more and more.

It is simple when someone wants to take what is rightfully yours you hold on tighter to it and don't let go. Instead we just watched as they grabbed and ran away with our democracy and our money, leaving us empty handed and complaining that they shouldn't be allowed to take what is ours.

Get out and demonstrate and protest and stop talking about what should be done and start doing it yourself. We all know what they've done. Time to take back our democracy.


I was talking about progressives and the left-liberal spectrum not poor people or what you call the laboring class. I can't stay interested in formulaic assertions that class is all explanatory. Nor do I feel a law should be passed to

That is fantasy and while I would agree wholeheartedly should it happen, I am not counting on it. Nor would any such law work due to the problems in assessing and distributing wealth taken from those who earn it etc to those who haven't!

I do believe in a progressive tax which would restore balance and provide the means/wealth to lift people from drudgery using free education and so forth, paying them decent wages, assisting the poor and so on. If a working person is taxed nearly 30% of their income then a wealthy person should be taxed at least a simililar amount of their total income. Including capital gains etc. The tax game is indeed rigged but you want to rig it in the other direction. A fair progressive tax on all income is okay with me. Social programs to help the poor and labor in class like free college and single payer etc is good with me.

I suggest you stop ranting against the rich and vote for Bernie and then later become active in doing something more constructive than railing against the rich to people who already know.


Thank you... thank you very much for speaking reality.


Wait, superior intelligence?... Uh, no ... they have all the power and money... if someone has been lying cheating and stealing for generations... and then used that to gain power... they did not do so through intelligence... they did it through a sociopathic orientation to life.