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Climate Activist Unrepentant in Face of #ShutItDown Charges


Climate Activist Unrepentant in Face of #ShutItDown Charges

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A climate activist and two documentary filmmakers were arraigned Thursday in Washington state for their roles in last week's #ShutItDown act of non-violent civil disobedience.


"[A]ssemblages of saboteurs": Doesn't this exactly describe fossil fuel corporations who a subverting any future for present and future generations?


The western model of "civilization" is indeed proving precisely how "exceptional" its perception of its 'self' is.
Thou shalt not recall, especially in accurate detail, how many other peoples were sacrificed by barbaric powers projecting their 'barbarism' in order to get their way.
Nor shall that be seen as narcissism because that barbarity succeeded in making virtually all human beings in the countries/nation states whose 'representation' they managed to buy, force their delusion as the only alternative and generated such high rates of pollution that many places on the planet are literally poisonous.
Nor shall you regard the industry known as 'marketing' as the crutch, intravenous feed keeping the delusional solipsism in motion. It is not alive, but the movement and noise sure presents an amazing shadow puppet version of life.
And last but not least, thou shalt not call the "elite" barbarians on their all-or-nothing scam that for centuries has required ongoing sacrifice of entire sectors of life, and as its maw opens wide, its guttural guffaw seeks to swallow the planet whole.
Hyperbole? If it is, its by a minuscule margin.


Somebody hacked and shut down much of the internet today.
If you're using it then you know that's it's responding very slowly to commands.
If history repeats itself, and we hope that it does, whoever did this deed will never be caught or prosecuted.
Yet our legal system will move rapidly to make examples out of the visible hero's of our society.
For no other reason then vengeance against those who dare to disrupt the profits of the Capitalists.


Either that or Russia, further antagonizing them...


These heroes are proof that in the immortal words of the not-so-immortal Edward Abbey: "Hayduke Lives".


Heck if they get into a state of war before the election Obama won't have to worry about electing Hillary, he can just stay as president. Which I guess in a way is a silver lining since we won't have Hillary so scratch that idea.

Also what the heck does this newest tweet from wikileaks imply?


I would like to thank all those who take part in the extremely important work against fossil fuel use and proliferation.. . I am doing what ever I can... by educating those around me ... and hope to do more .... as my familial obligations come to a close...
I am chomping at the bit.. to be able to increase my overall participation in this fight... I am going through much in the way of CONSCIOUS UNDERSTANDING of where we are at as a species... how we CONNECT with those who do not understand .. is very much an issue.. I am trying to develop within my self a way to be able to convey the extreme danger we are in and how we can .....possibly make a difference... yet being clear it will NOT save our current way of life...


Keep an eye on the period right around Christmas for some stunning announcements coming from Obama.
The Left will find them to be positive and the Right will be appalled.
Obama's welcome gift to Hillary.


?......so... I have to find some words to fill .... so... I can actually post... but again.. ?...


Yeah... I thought that too...


Yeah, I think the prescient Orwell would agree with you!


Climate Activist Unrepentant in Face of #ShutItDown Charges!!!!

Hillary Clinton is Unrepentant in the Face of:
1. Giving $250,000 speeches to her Wall Street Clients.
2. Disregarding Federal Security Laws in the handling of her private Email server and with the destruction of over 30,000 Emails.
3. Openly Promoting Fracking throughout the world in such places as Poland and other countries most likely utilizing the pressure of her position of Secretary of State.
4. The destruction of Libya.
5. Laying the groundwork via No Fly Zones for the start of World War III with Russia and potentially a Nuclear Armed Exchange.
6. Rigging the Primary Elections of this country to eliminate her main rival Bernie Sanders.
7. Having a different set of policies for the Public and for her Private Clients.
8. For lying about her real position on TPP and other Global Trade Deals.
9. For trying to position herself as a Progressive and for someone who will fight for the 99%.
10. Shall I go on....

For if Hillary is Elected, she will not only be the first women elected, but also one of the first persons who should be on trial for her crimes against the people and government of this country.....Let us count the number of people who have broken the "so-called" laws of the US and are now paying the price: Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Snowden..... Why is not Hillary and the rest of her gang from past administrations not serving time for their crimes?
So you think we live in a democracy?


In the 1979 Seabrook, NH nuclear power plant demonstration, the governor and the company decided that it was the media who were running the whole demonstration. So, they went out of their way to tear gas an NBC camera crew and a few other press people. I don't think this helped them any.

Now, why in particular are they coming down so hard on reporters?


No democeracy in fascist, police state, imperialist amerika; war criminals killary, obomer, bush/cheney all walk free, and even can spread their sickness...like be selected for potus!
Yet, 2 Big changes are underway: the empire is collapsing, and the People..World-wide are Rising!
Join the World Family Revolucion! How? Every day practice Peace, and every day, do some action for Peace and our Sacred Earth Mother!!!


What can break the Empire?....(Empire defined as the Global US Military)?
1. Lack of $$ Funding.
2. People of the Military choosing not to fight nor participate in this organization.
3. Some unforeseen External Event....
4. A raised human awareness that finally figures out that this Empire is destroying our home planet...its natural resources, its climate, its habitability, its cultures, its indigenous peoples (which at this point in time means all of humanity)....
5. that people finally figure out that these resources should be redirected to humanity's future survival and restoration of this planet and not toward its destruction.... newmessage.org


4 and #5 are currently taking place.

Which is why every institution is under attack.
And why politicians are all suspects.


These courageous people are very brave, indeed. The documentation of the symbolic shutting off of coal and oil shipments is an act of great courage, as well. I tip my hat to all of them for what they 'll surely encounter in the coming months. The juries who will decide their fates will hopefully understand " why " they feel so compelled to take such unconventional actions, against the forces of Big Energy & The Corporatocracy entrenched within our State and Federal Gov'ts. I sincerely hope that all who are taking similar actions, around the world, against great odds and forces are looked upon as visionaries and patriots. The PTB have a lengthy history of killing messengers and unpleasant, non-conforming messsages. Via con Dios, fellow travelers.


All good points, i know that 4 is also contributing to 3. There is Power from working with, being in tune with, our Sacred Earth Mother. The Native People of the Planet know it. Those who live and truly commune with Nature know it. Yes, that Power is a growing unforeseen event, or change. It has been prophesied. Humans are so small compared to Mother Nature; yet, when we work with Her, great things happen!
I can see #1 and 2 eventually coming in as well, as 3,4, and 5 gain momentum.


Tiozapata...... see newmessage.org and look for "Knowledge" (not the same as knowledge).