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Climate Activists and Scientists Raise Alarm After Death Valley Endures Potentially Record-Breaking 130ºF

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/climate-activists-and-scientists-raise-alarm-after-death-valley-endures-potentially


What I see is convergence. Meaning the convergence of all the destructive, shortsighted, mean spirited, ignorant/clever and narcissistic-impelled actions by this failed-experiment of a species. Not enough of us, apparently, so far, to stop them. Keep trying. It’s a must.


By 2080 it is estimated all of the areas between the Tropics will become uninhabitable by man. Heat stress will kill them by the millions unless they live in Air Conditioned environments which means more energy used which means more warming. Millions of plants and Animal species will be wiped out.

The area from just north of mexico all the way down to the upper part of Argentina will be too hot to survive in. This band extends across the globe and will include 90 percent of Australia, all of Africa and the Middle east , Indonesia and Malaysia and half of China.

This in turn will force massive migrations to the Polar regions. The threat posed is greater then any of the wars in our History yet Countries were always able to find money to fight those wars even as they claim they do not have enough wealth to invest in Greening the economy.

Here in Canada we have Governments investing in Oil pipelines. In the USA the sitting President relaxes methane gas emissions even as his rival for that position indicates “with me as President nothing will really change”.

Well the Earth says otherwise. Change is coming and it not going to be for the better,


Too many alarm bells going off now to count.

Sea surface temps are insane with hurricane season kicking in. For those who have not looked at the sea surface temperatures around the GOM and the Atlantic—check it out—h-ttps://seatemperature.info/gulf-of-mexico-water-temperature.html

Arctic/Greenland melting with BOE imminent.

Crop loss after Derecho—h-ttps://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/national-international/iowa-hurting-after-derecho-seeks-nearly-4b-in-disaster-aid/2570823/
and on and on and on

And of all things, amidst all these catastrophes this:

(Edit: Thanks CD’s I just noticed you have this covered in piece below)

Trump administration announces plans to drill in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Yet another reason we’ve got to hit the streets and get him and his enablers out ASAP.


Change is here-----now---- and it is horrific for those that choose to see and accept the facts----- the data, the science.


Yes HORRIFIC! Sometimes it would be a lot easier to be a Bible Trumper, climate denying… moron!

Just for some perspective as to how detached from reality people are. Several older Trump supporters were asked about Climate change wherein the person asking pointed out that by 2080 much of the world would be uninhabitable and sea level rise would wipe out many cities and dislocate hundreds of millions.

The response was “That is so far in the future none of us will be alive then so why worry about it.”


Family Values!


The 20 year olds better wake up quickly. It’s their golden years and the lives of their children at stake.


Thanks for your posts. I come here for comments like yours (and so many others) to get what is I believe is necessary if one wants to stay sane amidst this insanity: connection with people who see and speak the truth.

There are few people in my circles who will talk about it or even want to know the specifics of how dire our predicament is.

I believe it is vital to share, grieve and when necessary (if possible) take action together, not in isolation.


Shall we beat them with our canes and crutches, or run them over with our wheel chairs.
Assuming many here are not marching ready.
I can’t even carry a pitchfork very far anymore.

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I think this one of the greatest unstated differences between “Right wing and left wing” thinking (for want of a better term.)

Those coming from the Right tend to always put SELF interest over everyone else’s.


Don’t think I can do it. Though I have been exposed to a lot of talk about the end times, the second coming, the prophesies … blahblah.


Maybe you need to watch these for inspiration!


‘You do whatever you can to survive’: 99-year-old woman fought off an intruder in south Minneapolis home.

Woman, 83, Fights Off Intruder With Cane–

On another point:

Christopher Cartwright calls on young people to get more involved. I think he uses too much shaming . . . old people have nothing to lose at this point and after all, we have consumed HUGE amounts of resources and actively participated in the making of this ecological catastrophe even if/when we called ourselves “environmentalists” during our younger years.

Even though I disagree with his shaming of young voters it is critical they get involved and I very much appreciate his data updates that few want to know:


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“Change is coming and not for the better.”
That statement prompts me to recall my recently passed mother describing growing up in the 30’s and 40’s.
Having to take diapers out to the pond side outhouse in winter. Break the ice and scrape those diapers before taking them back inside to scrub them clean. Among other daily chores. They got their indoor plumbing in the 50’s.

Typical of that generation. They got theirs. They have full social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and many have the last of the fully funded pensions. Fuck everybody else.
That attitude actually explains a lot about how we got to where we are today. Collectivism is dead in America. With everybody looking out for number one nobody really notices if the planet is warming out of control. To them, even if it is, there is nothing they can or will do about it.
It’s frustrating. We know what’s coming. But we just can’t seem to gather together enough gumption to do anything about it.
Meanwhile, here in America we are experiencing perhaps the hottest year on record, with no El Niño.


And their descendants keep talking about “the good old times” about how things are terrible now. About how much better it used to be. About how all this was predicted.

Funny you should mention that. When our son was in elementary school they had an assignment to interview the oldest living member of their family with ten pre chosen questions. Most were about life when they were a child. Fortunately for him, my wife’s grandmother was still alive at 90. The last question on list was, is life better now than it was then, and why. She answered “oh dear child, it’s so much easier now. I don’t have to put on a coat to go to the bathroom.”


I just put my entire fortune into sunscreen futures.
Yep, the entire $4,326.


So we know we’re in trouble, right?

But we will not stop trying to take care of ourselves individually, will we? The people who speak of overpopulation do not leave, Grandpa’s AC stays on, and the car nips back and forth to the grocers’ regularly.

So, to return to an old question, what is to be done?

Corporations are profit-driven, bent on externality. They will extract and destroy until they cannot, for whatever reason. The governments of Western societies fail to govern corporations adequately because corporations govern them. Democratic forms have been largely subverted. They will respond when Mr. Buffet’s or Mr. Gates’ AC gets turned off.

We are not in a position to go through another cycle of violent or even non-violent revolution. The state has armed itself obsessively against the least dissent–mass surveillance, pepper spray, rubber bullets, water cannon, selective assassination, shotgun-style disinformation, on and on. Coup d’etat has gone into something like mass production under CIA sponsorship. Even modest humanitarian deviation from corporate insanity draws a Phoenix-style mafiosi response remniscient of the old British Opium Wars.

The system has to change in that people have to be able to take care of ourselves and those close to us without destroying the basis our our ongoing reasonable survival. At this point it is fairly predictable that the larger structures of Western society will fail in this. How bad the results of that are has to do with how well other structures stave off the worst aspects of systemic failure.

We have to start building things that work.