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Climate Activists Occupy Greenpeace UK Headquarters—Wait, That Can't Be Right


Climate Activists Occupy Greenpeace UK Headquarters—Wait, That Can't Be Right

Michael Molitch-Hou

On Wednesday October 17, activists from British environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) held a sit-in at none other than the UK headquarters of Greenpeace—you know, the worldwide environmentalist org so radical that they’ve been shot at by the Russians and had their boat


Good for them! This is consistent with Chris Hedges’ message that mass civil disobedience performed by millions in the streets for a prolonged period is needed now. And to paraphrase Hedges (who I think was quoting someone else) we have to do it not because we know or think we’ll win, but because it’s our only hope.


Excellent report and analysis, and excellent actions!

This is precisely what is needed: Organized mass action, direct action, revolutionary action, on ecological and humanistic principles, with our whole lives on the line, because they actually are.


i wish the headline were different, and more people might read this article, because the real story here is the organizing campaign, goals, strategy, and tactics – not the single action at the Greenpeace office.

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Patience is a vise

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Judging from the “views” (54) this isn’t going to get any traction here. I suggest that we post this article to every Facebook page of active 350 groups everywhere. Here in Oregon we have a very active 350 Eugene group - think the Our Childrens’ Trust trial happening there. Maybe we could get an XR.US group going that could coordinate with the UK.

Resistance is Fertile !!


Although I have always supported Greenpeace, an email I received from them today to support Washington State Initiative 1631 confirms that even Greenpeace takes a wrong turn sometimes.

I-1631 would institute a carbon tax in Washington State, that exempts 8 of the 12 largest polluters in the state, including a coal fired power plant, thereby making coal more economically competitive with cleaner sources of energy.

While I-1631 promoters correctly point out that the time is now for reducing carbon, I-1631 with its 15 person unelected board subject to no specific mandates is unlikely to reduce carbon.


This is very sad to me. Not a single person has died from global warming while millions are crippled or dead from pesticides and chemicals.

AGW is not real in the catasptophic sense and probably not real at all. I am a lifelong environmentalist- still am- who thinks global cooling is a stronger and more dangerous possibility. It’a October and its 45 degrees outside in NYC

For those who say it is proven- it is not. There are many scientists who think AGW is not real. This issue is a loser for the left. But if they publicized pesticides and organic farming with the same fervor we would have a winner.

I once was a very strong, very early supporter of AGW. But based on the science, and based on common sense I am no longer. I urge all you sky-is-falling AGW supporters to spend a few hours studying people you disagree with. There is plenty of science that tells us we do not need to be freaked out.

While pesticides are causing cancer, adhd, autism, low fertility, poor nutrition, loss of species, soil degradation etc etc etc.


when you think of a lost way of life due to climate change, let it be of the starving polar bears, it still haunts me. the melting polar ice will affect us, in more ways then one. anyone who stands up against enviromental factors now has my respect