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Climate Activists Set Sights on Ending Fossil Fuel Exports in Pacific Northwest Once and For All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/31/climate-activists-set-sights-ending-fossil-fuel-exports-pacific-northwest-once-and

The local carbon footprint will not exceed that of the power plant.
Our nations economy is based upon selling agricultural, mining and manufactured products.
Mining includes oil and natural gas coming from wells.
We had national policy of keeping our oil and gas reserves and using up those from other nations by importing them.
The 2008 financial melt down changed that idea.
We tread water economically by opening up the oil and gas spigots.
We survived, damaged greatly, but still alive.
i do not agree with fracking - we are permanently polluting our ground water.

The british empire will export Canadian natural gas at their Pacific port. I am certain we will be happy to sell our natural gas to the brits, pipe it north to their port.

Looking forward 40 years, the LNG loading facility can be reversed to accept LNG from another nation, continent. Building the compression, storage and loading dock is a massive dollar investment. The owner has to be a reputable firm.

Brown has got to step up on this or her legacy is kaput. I have been a supporter as she has tried to take the reins of this politically divided state. But her latest behavior seems very neolib. and very corrupt. She should notice that citizens here, who usually disagree on policy are joining hands on this issue and get with them! I’ve noticed a lot of hatred for her around Portland, from people who voted for her. She better wake up.

The Pacific Northwest is actually more than just Oregon and Washington. Functionally it takes in everything from the north third of California through British Columbia (BC) to southeast Alaska, and east through Idaho and Montana.

Each day 100 plus car train loads of Rocky Mountain coal travel via rail routes through Seattle, southern BC and northern BC to reach export terminals near Vancouver BC and Prince Rupert BC. There is nothing stopping future exports of petrochemicals from BC ports.