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Climate Artists Commit 'Brandalism' to Expose Corporate Hijacking of COP21



Seeing how the world's number one promoter of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its sequel scams (yes, that would be Obama) showed up how can anybody not consider COP21 a farce ?

TPP, TTIP. TISA...will give corporations the power to jettison climate change legislation in member states post haste.


" We cannot leave the climate talks in the hands of politicians and corporate lobbyists that created this mess."

Enough said!


I LOVE this, and want to see this tactic spread. Putting large numbers of posters all over Paris may do more good than the prohibited marches would have. This is memetic warfare...the other side engages in it every day through corporate media. This is one way we can engage without necessarily traveling, spending much money...though it does require artists to work free. Probably not a major barrier.


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There will be cameras trained on bus stop billboards, and the vandals will be identified and apprehended and sent to Guantanamo.

Other than that, I love the idea too.


Seems like another of those Saturday Night Live events. In this skit, there is a convention of pirates, all the best pirates, called to construct a plan to outlaw piracy. Or like a group of commercial salmon fisherman to discuss protecting the salmon species. It would take a miracle for such dumb people to come up with anything useful. Just theater, and not a comedy, but a tragedy because everybody dies in the end. We face a global challenge, and the only possible successful strategy forward must involve everybody, not just the "ruling" class, who have gained their wealth by destruction of the commons. Even so, we need to understand that a poor farmer with a big axe is doing damage just like a rich German buzzing around in his Daimler is causing damage. Obviously the TPP is just some insurance policy, just in case some country actually tries to do something worthwhile.