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Climate Campaigners Applaud Biden on Vow to Pull Plug on Keystone XL Permit

He also would not pardon Trump.

Biden just “set the hook” lets see how many he lands in the boat.


The steel pipe is from India.
Sits in Mississippi mud field.
Please check metalurgy before installing.
At creeks and rivers, use double pipe to avoid pollution
if the inner pipe corrodes, ruptures or is distressed.
The space between the inner pipe and outer pipe is labeled ‘annulus’.
This zone has a slight vacumn. If tar sand oil enters this, an alarm
goes off, pumps are turned off and valves close. This limits damage
if outer pipe is also compromised.

Our local gasoline price has risen $.70 per gallon over the past two weeks.
Wrong way, Corrigan, if we want economic recovery.

Stay safe, windows open and enjoy outdoors. The house bound quarantine
should have advised outside time.

It’s a start. Now how about a commitment to end fracking and to implement Medicare for All…


Great…this is the kind of global leadership we need and that the Biden Presidency will restore. tRump has trashed America long enough.


I’ll see it when I believe it.


What, in his fifty years of politics, leads anyone to believe he is telling the truth? Hope & Change 2.0 with a serving of rape on the side. He needs to announce his preliminary cabinet nominees now. If it includes bank, oil and pharma execs then at least he’ll confirm what we already know to be true. Larry Summers is 10x worse than Paul Manafort and even Trump was smart enough to dump him.


Depending on which site you frequent, or which “progressive” (/s) Talk show you listen to - could be a lot
In any case this will start showing up as a ‘selling point’ in those places. THere are even some here already in the boat LOL


IF he mouthed the words, would you buy it?

After 40+ years of the opposite, now turn on a dime - I wouldn’t


W-H-Y do I not believe him?


Well, it could be because in the end, he won’t be the nominee, and the actual nominee will embrace big oil just like they always have? So anything he actually says is just window dressing.


So now tell me who actually made that decision for Biden. He doesn’t have enough gray cells left to complete a sentence, let alone make important decisions. hXXps://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/stop-calling-it-a-stutter-here-are-dozens-of-examples-of-bidens-dementia-symptoms-b010c8e6b45c


That’s a pretty safe position to take when the price of oil is in the tank.


That made me laugh. Thank you. So true.


Wow we are like $2.60/gal in SoCal and NO traffic!

He already forgot he made that statement.


It’s crumbs. Why celebrate a “promise” to not approve Keystone XL when there are hundreds of leaking pipelines running through the US, thousands of fracking sites, thousands of oil drilling sites? Besides leaking liquid hydrocarbons into the ground and leaking methane as a result of extraction, the combustion of fossil fuels causes CO2 to rise and global warming to continue & accelerate.
Joe Biden CANNOT reduce America’s carbon footprint because the DONORS will not allow it. Biden and the Dem Party are wedded to their donors who are their true constituents, not us.


That’s a cold thought - and well within the realm of this rabbit whole we are falling through

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What happens if Biden is elected, pursues a green agenda, loses in 2024, and just like with trump, all good things are reversed. Turned upside down, and we are back in birarro world.
Would it be a waste of time, energy, and money, as we go right back to an oil run country?

Ours just went from $1.39 to $1.49 this week. And we have high sales tax.