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Climate Campaigners to Biden: Your Solicitor General 'Should Not Be a Lawyer Who Fought for Big Oil'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/climate-campaigners-biden-your-solicitor-general-should-not-be-lawyer-who-fought-big


The Question is “why not”. Biden is a solicitor for big banking, so why shouldn’t we expect his appointees to be similarly corrupted. The real issue is that if you are voting for a president and you don’t like BIg oil representatives, then you should not be voting for a candidate who is beholden to big business’. Americans asked for this administration, and they are certainly going to get it.


However, movements of the people are gaining steam. When Bernie went out, it was not the people’s movements that pushed him out. It was Bernie’s choice.
Who is pushing Biden? What can be stronger that this force? Who should Biden choose for Solicitor General?

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One-party country, with two right wings.


Make that…one war party country.


If your waiting for the thing that is going to push Biden there is only one, not voting for him, or any of his right wing co conspirators; not under any circumstance. A few lost elections, with no progressive turnout voting for democrats, all of them voting 3rd party instead, and you’ll see actual pressure, but as long as the phony opposition is elected, no matter what they do, (as in this case), Biden will do whatever he wants.

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Americans did not “ask” for the Biden Administration—it was rammed down the throats of voters, who weren’t allowed by the DNC to make the choice for a primary candidate to challenge Trump. The Democratic Party’s corporate donors wouldn’t accept Bernie Sanders, so the Party machinery sank Bernie’s campaign, and dredged up the infinitely more “cooperative” ticket of Biden/Harris. And yeah, we’re going to get “it”: socialism for the wealthy, austerity for the rest of us—by Duopoly design.

Americans voted for Biden. That happened. Now they are acting as if he is a progressive and demanding he act accordingly; they may as well be asking Trump to act as if he was a progressive.

Assuming Americans knew that:

“The Democratic Party’s corporate donors wouldn’t accept Bernie Sanders, so the Party machinery sank Bernie’s campaign, and dredged up the infinitely more “cooperative” ticket of Biden/Harris.”,

then Americans also knowingly elected anti progressives who fixed the election to prevent democrats from having to represent the American people.

If, on the other hand, Americans didn’t know, it was because they are less concerned about their country than they are about Monday Night Football, and Battle of the Network Stars, and my conclusion is the same

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The US is not a parliamentary democracy.

There is no vote of no confidence.

We really lost any hope for 2/3 of the progressive platform (all the most important parts) way back in 1995 when we joined the WTO. We just don’t realize it yet.

So they are lying like crazy to keep us in the dark.

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Wasn’t Obama’s first Solicitor General a Monsanto operative ?

It seemed to me that with the first few Cabinet members talked about, the Progressives and Progressive media put forth recommendations and strong opposition to those candidates they didn’t like. There was an appearance of some effort to be responsible to the Progressives who helped Biden.

I see no more of these discussions recently, and just resigned disgust

And Americans still fall for the lie that there are only two parties to choose from. They can’t ram nothing down our throats without us allowing it.

I was in Seattle during the WTO protests and most realized it then, but most still do not realize it yet!

You should read Michael Moore’s book (WTO DG at that time) “world without walls” - although please don’t buy it new, get it used.

You’ll realize what bullshit their arguments are based on.

Hey, zed, because of you I read Nicholas Skala’s article about Medicare for All and the GATS treaty. 23 pages and now I’m freaked out and understand what you’ve been ranting about. This is a one thousand page treaty, complicated, so nobody knows how this international court would rule and could cost any country billions of dollars. But this explains everything, right? Why nobody is talking, why the push for M4A is so half-hearted among the pols. Not among the people, for sure. I mentioned this to a buddy and he said we could just leave the WTO. I think the whole idea of GATS was for our own corporations to get the upper edge in other countries. Chickens coming home to roost time. I used to think that a bloody revolution would do the job, but now think that it would just be horrific for the good people, would accomplish nothing, and that the fix is in. I hate the thought of the bad (rich) guys winning. That we are living in a feudal society, pre-Soviet Russia, and that we just have to accept this.

What say you?

Are you nuts?
No, Americans may be gullible but we’re not stupid.

I think faced with an impossible situation, many of us may just move elsewhere, especially those of us with a decent education and skills. The rest of us will be left here with our beloved political class.
As far as liberalization. Youre implying that "expanding Medicare without leaving GATS first would be okay?

No, its the worst thing we could do, which you will see in the Annex on Finacial Services, right at the top. Thats a trap.
A scheme to strip us of subsidies and privatize Medicare more fully.

No, unfortunately, GATS doesn’t go far enough for the US. We want Negative list.

So we are likely soon to be going back to pushing a new one, TISA, Actually several new ones.

I am speculating so all this is likely wrong, let me say, this is probably all wrong and after 40 years, politicians may change. Its not impossible. Maybe all things happen and rainbows fill the sky… cough… Maybe God is money. Literally. You would think so from these things. To be rich is glorious.

Yesterday, I read a good explanation of the GATS issues facing countries. It was part of a WHO publication entitled

Trade and Health
Compilation of Presentations made
at the Inter-regional Workshop
New Delhi, October 2004

For example, on page 65 there is a flowchart which explains if GATS applies - however it leaves out the part (here in the US) related to health insurance being a financial service, which seems to me to add another layer of inflexibility and complexity. Also, the first part of the Annex on Financial services, the booby trap for Medicare and Social Security and other FS’s the government funds. Whever you read about GATS it usually makes the assumption that few countries committed critical services like healthcare or financial services. Because likeness - read up on likelness, financial services could be replaced by a public healthcare system, healthcare provision would I suspect substitute for health insurance. Thats test case right there, where the US could sue a country for having a public healthcare system if it prevented them from buying US commercial entities products. Ask your trade expert.

Also, Standstill, meaning freeze on new services. Which is in The Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services. Read up on what Standstill means in that context in a law library.

But you know, in a way, it all comes down to the shrinking number of jobs in the world and a scramble to assert any rights to the ones here by OTHER countries. Our jobs were the bait, to keep the poor countries at the taable, they assert again and again. We made a deal, which we cant welsh out on. Jobs for other concessions, Like India which feels entitled to keep expanding here. And is suing us over visa quotas. Imagine if they win the case, which is before the WTO. Its been in limbo since 2016 most recently because of Trump. But Biden is probably chomping at the bid to get it settled.

Our patients as well as our workers may be SOL because our leaders in their infinite wisdom, may have, traded away all sorts of rights. It will be a test case which is binding on, impacting the entire world and the very existTENSE of the jewel of the late 20th century, the middle class. .

Again, you need expert attention, but since so much money is involved, I suspect slavery, not modern the old fashioned slavery is likely to be in many’s future, because if foreign firms can come in and pay so little, the onkly way to beat them will be free labor. A situation that appeals to industry because we never abolished it. We have to go back to regulatory state in 1998 on financial services, thats what standstill means. Poor people with pre-existing conditions wont be able to get care. Nor will teh system have any flexibility. They are likely to fall into traps that are designed to weed out people who are deemed ineligible for government help. Look at the Centrelink scandal in Australia, for example, I think something like that will happen here but be much worse, and the result may be millions of Americans enslaved, in punishment for not telling the truth on income while sick.

We should accept that foreign healthcare is better than no healthcare,
Its better than dying like so many are now.

Yes, foreign countries likely will quite possibly end up with the rights to provide subsidized healthcare to our poor and destitute, in the first case and in the second, its possible also take our professional workers - replace them in their jobs. Because its more profitable.

Actually this applies to all sorts of areas they seem to see as not profitable enough. They would rather trade away the responsibilities to foreign firms.

This is all hypothetical speculation, but it seems possible that In exchange we may get various other concessions via the WTO say concessions on IP, such as drug patents, evergreening, and so on. We will have to accept large numbers of foreign workers doing the good jobs,(after our workers train their replacements) Anything else would be discriminatory against foreign corporations. (The GATS main concern)

Would you be willing, to do that, say if you were a trained professional, train your replacements then move on to something else, start your career over, to support the propping up of developing country dictatorships and our privatization centric global trade agenda?

Or maybe you could go to work for those foreign firms. Wages might be a fraction of what you earned here but at least you could send a few dollars home so baby could eat.

I think Trump and Clinton are old friends and he is part of a cover up to hide the theft of democracy using trade agreements that nobody in their right mind would ever have voted for.; It seems fairly obvious to me.

The main argument, that at this point they have lied to us so much they likely dont want to allow democracy, is unfortunately, quite easy to prove with solid facts, which are fairly indisputable that we traded the key parts of our right to regulate that we would need to face almost all of our deep seated problems and unite the nation behind democracy away. Its been traded to oligarchs with trade deals. There isn’t much policy left that we can actually change by voting.

If we were smart, we would stop letting the “hystrionics” divide and conquer our nation.

Otherwise they will successfully strip us of all we think we have. Why? Money, we have too good of a deal for the 21st century, thats the way they see it. They feel that they have a right to break social contracts if it would be more profitable to do it that way. And they have created legal frameworks both nationally and internationally that allow, no even encourage it that way. So now they are dividing us against one another.

We have a lot more in common than we think. Most of us are basically good. Its the amoral political class that are doing this. A minority of them as well, but some very scary people obsess about this kind of stuff.

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There’s a lot here that I don’t understand. But, first…

Yes, I’m nuts, slightly crazy, and more than a normal amount neurotic.

And now: as a pre-med and music major at UCLA I took an econ 101 class. To be precise, I sat in on one class and didn’t understand a word. For my general ed class I ended up in botany.

Then, at age 55, I decided that I couldn’t give up on myself and got Heilbronner’s book, The Worldly Philosophers, which was perfect–a bio and a short paragraph on their economic stance. And then on to David Kay Johnson’s Perfectly Legal. And, on May 14, at 11:03 a.m. finished Capital in the 21st Century, which took me 3 1/2 years to complete. It cured my insomnia, so I’m grateful for that.

That is to say, this stuff is really hard for me to understand, so you can add “slow” to nuts, crazy, and neurotic.

As to training someone to replace me, I know that has been happening for awhile here, and I think it’s horrendous. In my business, music performance, there are a number of orchestras from all over the world that you can audition for no matter your original country. So France has people from the US in their orchestras, and here we have people from China, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries. Each orchestra is unionized and with collective bargaining we decide on how the auditions will be conducted. It used to be completely behind a screen here, so the judges wouldn’t know who was auditioning. Now we take the last six people and have them play without a screen. So, already, we are open to everyone in the world. Each individual can decide how many auditions to take before giving up and doing something else for a living. I was lucky and got into the first orchestra I tried out for.

I counted around eleven things that you mentioned that I need a definition for, so that I can understand what you’re saying. For instance, “Negative list”. So, I’ll be back…

You should go to my web site policy
and check out the extermal links Ive provided there which represent a lot of information. Keep in mind that as the need for human labor declines, there are elements of society, who pretend to be “human rights agnostic” who are really trying to eliminate most human rights, and make it impossible for most of us to live unless we’re making them rich,
because we’re heading into a work-sparse future and they dont want to continue being responsible, bluntly. They want the wealth and power but not the responsibility. They claim to be helpful but its overcompensating.

They are a global cult, that wants to tear everything we enjoyed in the last century, all the improvements which we made and turn back the clock, rolling back all humanity’s hard earned gains, in thye economic sphere, GATS has stripped us of a lot, and nobody seems to realize it here in the US, but people elsewhere are aware of it…

Yes, TISA is negative list, which is terrifying.

Its basically a “standstill” like the one that we have for financial services already. (but again dont know it)

This causes a lot of energy to be wasted. So much energy, covering it up.

According to Hannah Arendt, this specific thing which she defines as the creation of duplicate governments, secretive duplicate offices to whom are given the real power. (while the people are left with the vestigial ones whose power is no longer present)

is a diagnostic sign for totalitarianism. This has happened globally by the creation of new global economic governance to whom has been given the real power.

It doesn’t matter if the power to change economic things has been sent elsewhere.

It only would matter if they could do economic things besides alienate more of our rights.