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Climate Catastrophe Comes for Europe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/06/climate-catastrophe-comes-europe

Conn Halinan is super sharp, in my experience. But he still hasn’t clearly heard Mama’s most anguished cries, in the form of Arctic sea-ice ruination in 2019. My point: geophysically, the follow-on effects of this single event are enough to swamp everything else, in terms of greenhouse gases and markedly accellerated warming. That whole bulletpoint list of all the various wheels falling off the jalopy gets tiresome when Arctic sea-ice loss doesn’t even come up.

The quality of the icecap today almost certainly signifies, in James Hansen’s phrase, “game over for the climate.” Halinan usually picks up on relevant details like that. Possibly he sees it, but retains a fading hope that he doesn’t have to go there, yet.

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Methane’s GWP is far more than 10. It was long estimated to be about 30-32, but is not recognized to be as high as 87, depending on the timescale used.

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If you’re about 20 or so, you’ll have a lifetime front row seat at a show called “The Great Unraveling.”

And that’s gonna suck.

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if you are 70 you will probably see the ‘end’.

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Where does the statement “A major reason for the Permian die off was the expansion of cyanobacteria” come from? First of all, there is no scientific consensus on what caused that Great Dying 250 million years ago. There are at least a half dozen theories, including an explosion of sulfate-reducing microrganisms (SRM’s) but I don’t think those are cyanobacteria… I’m not an expert. Climate change is on the list, along with massive long-lasting volacanic events (and even the old asteroid hit has not been ruled out).