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Climate Change Altering Greenland Ice-Sheet: Accelerating Sea Level Rise


Climate Change Altering Greenland Ice-Sheet: Accelerating Sea Level Rise

Andy Rowell

Not long into the New Year and already a new warning about climate change and rising sea levels.

A new scientific study, published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, is warning that climate change may be affecting the vast Greenland ice sheet more seriously than previously thought.


No human mind can take in the complexity of interlocking geological systems and the phyla and flora these have given rise to over many millennia.

What comes to mind when reading this latest proof of collapse (in slow motion) is the scene from the magical film, "Excalibur" when the wise natural magician, Merlin, says to King Arthur:

"You broke what could not BE broken."

THAT is the state of the majestic, interlocking web of once magnificent (in their grace, function, and endlessly diverse marvels) ecosystems.

This planet is most imperiled by the arrogant militarists who destroy so much in the name of security (and/or Defense)!


Another in an endless string of scientific reports over the past dozen years, in which a report from the field about changes seen in natural systems and processes, notes that the changes are OUTSIDE THE MOST EXTREME BOUNDARIES of what science had predicted.

From the article: "The scientists were shocked by what they found." "This phenomenon had never been seen before." Such statements are now commonplace, with regard not just to fundamental components of the climate system, but fundamental components of the overall ecology.

What does that say about the likely near-future behavior of key natural ecological systems and processes, and the impact on human civilization?

What does this say about the need to STOP THE HUMAN PROCESSES that are causing the systemic ecological disruption?

What does this say about the need to BREAK FREE OF NORMAL in our work lives, our communities, the media we consume, to risk everything on behalf of nurturing ecological health, rather than extracting wealth?

Staying within "normal" and "acceptable" in the extractivist consumerist war economies, is surely to risk everything on an arrogant gamble of rampant human egos to control everything.


...the media and meat we consume... With that small supplement, a 100% Like.


With cheery aplomb we learn we are more F'd than we thought we were. Almost a >>> "New and Improved F'd."! And you thought the worst that could happen was bad. A new formula worst is yours today!

I have no idea why I am smiling. Maybe it is just that strange twilight zone irony that while it is hard as heck to convince some people that climate change is as bad as it is that we find out that it was much worse considering and that it is likely to be much worse than we think even now.

We haven't convinced the repubs that it was as bad as it was? Well it is worse than we thought it wasn't?

Okay... just stop it!!! So what is it now? It is worse than it was but actually it was always that bad but we just didn't know that it was as bad as it really is... so that it is actually worse than we thought it was?

I said stop it!!! Where is my comfy blue blankie? What!!! What do you mean it got washed away as the rising sea levels ... huh? What? I left it on the beach right over there and ...um.... oh right. Somebody stole the beach!!!

It is very disconcerting that when people say it could have been worse that we have to answer that no it actually was that worse already...!

So how bad is it then? Who the F knows??? But it is getting worse faster. I need a new blue blankie!!!


"What does this say about the need to BREAK FREE OF NORMAL in our work lives, our communities...."
Yes, breaking away from our work lives and our life styles... this... is going to be the biggy..
I did break away from my work life.... it's recent... so, well, bugs to work out... starting a business that requires not much of anything and the thing produced is me talking... but, that
s another thing.. ( Hey, Siouxrose, you might know what this is....) I am starting that business, because, well, people are going to need some way, some tool to figure out their humanness... their part in this... their culpability..or at least that of our species... AND THOSE AT THE TOP... we need community and communication... and REALNESS ... not keeping up with the jones... If we do not care for each other and have some way to TALK ABOUT IT... with others.. we will not make it... there won't be any money... we will be trading... and bartering.. so, develop you skills for survival, social connection, close friends..
close relatives.. so when someone NEEDS SOMETHING.... SOMEONE IS THERE.. that is what you call a TRIBE... any group of people can develop that any way they decide... but, the reason for it... is for survival...


We absolutely need people running their own businesses and committing to be truly ecologically and socially accountable. Best of luck with your commitment and your new enterprise!