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Climate Change and Biodiversity Should be Top Headline News

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/30/climate-change-and-biodiversity-should-be-top-headline-news


Overpopulation should be top headline news:


Thanks for this very informative, eye opening film (and the ones which follow it). We cannot solve this crisis one person at a time, individually acting as awareness somehow comes to each person. There is simply not enough time remaining. We must have government leadership to rally the Earth’s human populations to act together to save ourselves. If government cannot or will not meet this challenge then government must be replaced, and soon. Endless wars and obscene military spending are stealing our financial means to address the fast approaching climate disaster we all face. The ever increasing rate of population growth will eventually lead to more wars as too many rats in a cage represent all too well; something I have personally witnessed. As this article denotes, the trivia that our government and the mass media uses to escape the truth of how dire and urgent is our situation can only be described as criminal negligence. It can no longer be tolerated.


Childless by choice, my choice was considered “selfish” by the moral police back in the day–probably still is. I am so glad I don’t have progeny to apologize to for the idiocy of our culture. While I do try to curb my consumption I won’t deprive myself of enjoying what is left of this magnificent planet. I know that the real sinful decisions were made in the interest of mammon and have been so structurally secured in our hyper-financialized capitalistic system that only by People power could significant change ever be effected. Banning plastic straws is good an all, but we need real change–change of which few can conceive.–a change in human consciousness and conscientiousness.


I fathered two children back when ZPG was the “moral” choice among frequently large baby-boom sibling cohorts (I have four siblings and, collectively, we did not replace ourselves). Neither of my children intend to reproduce, though they are biologically able and therefore still susceptible (stay strong, kids!). The economy, relationships including extended family, and the environment are too unstable for them to want to ruin lives–their own and others. The only explanation for having a baby in this world is “temporary insanity” (a.k.a., “love”). If you really want to love a child, don’t put another one on this planet.


To have children is to vote for life.

The insanity is not voting for life - giving in to fear.


Nice article David Suzuki.

Here in Calgary, on the last day of May, the PM 2.5 index just went over 300, as northern out of control wildfires came romping in on a powerful north wind.

I have never bought in to the popular notion that poor countries and the third world will suffer first and disproportionately from the incursions of The Anthropocene.

We in the first world have different problems, and our vulnerabilities are also different, and potentially more catastrophic.

Take heed you self proclaimed progressives.

Markets can meltdown instantaneously, and those in big cities are leveraged to the technosphere in ways that the third world is not.

Also we are virtually naked if our supply chains fail.

Beside me here in Calgary, I note the complete and instant closure of four strip mall chain stores - now boarded up and gone - and good riddance, although the people that used to work there I am sure are hurting.

I am seeing up close and personal what appears to me to be the piecemeal collapse of our civilization, with criminals and monkeys in charge of the White House, the Pentagon, and to a first approximation every publicly traded corporation on Earth.

Vote with your wallet - your choice of job, your choice of dwelling, the food you eat, and the way you raise your children - to be fighters who never give up.


Most of us have very few ballots in our wallets to cast.

Actually it is primarily the withholding of money which is most effective.

This will come about as more and more of us earn less and less, but it can be augmented greatly by saving instead of spending on unnecessary items, such as suburban homes and automobiles, neither of which most can afford, though that may not be apparent at first glance.

Here in Calgary the PM 2.5 just went over 400 (Hazardous).

Yunzer - I understand the Pilgrim nuclear plant is closing down (Beyond Nuclear).

I would be interested in your abbreviated description of its decommissioning ?

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I started watching a heart rending YouTube documentary about Syrian refugees fleeing war. Call these religious wars, empire wars, corporate wars, racist wars or more. They are first and foremost oligarchy wars over scarcer resources. Of endless growth in a finite planet. What ecologists call “breakout”, when a species overpopulates, destroys its habitat and population balance is restored by attrition


At least some are starting to talk about our greatest taboo subject, overpopulation. It could be too late to stop all the pain and suffering but it is a step in the right direction.

Yes, I have been boycotting almost everything I thought I could do without for the greatest part of my 73 years, on strike against the machine. It was always quite a lot, because I never had much money until a very few years ago. Now that I could afford more stuff I find I need less. Habit?

The Future is Rural: Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification

Jason Bradford

February 19, 2019


One of many individuals and organizations standing the “New Urbanism” on its head. Others include Slow Food, Slow Money, and many others.

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