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Climate Change and Collective Salvation


Climate Change and Collective Salvation

Robert C. Koehler

In the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, as white male privilege reclaims its desperate grip on our future, the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report comes out, informing us that we haven’t got much future left in which to avoid . . . I mean implement . . . serious change

Meanwhile, the midterm elections percolate.



climate change! the most important issue facing today’s world. i also caught that interview with professor anderson on democracy NOW! and am impressed by his honesty. he admitted that those whose income reaches his level contribute more than their share to global warming. empire america presents the greatest threat as we, here, consume per capita the largest share of earth’s resources.

What Anderson doesn’t mention in the interview, but what must be added here, is that militarism and war are also seriously part of the environmentally destructive wastefulness that must be curbed. Whatever its mission, whatever its strategy, whatever its tactics, war is ecocide.
in fact i believe if we could declare peace on earth that in and of itself would change the entire deadly paradigm. we do not go to war to promote democracy. our soldiers serve to extract resources for corporations. the fossil fuel industry causes the greatest environmental damage of all and it’s the military who waste the most fossil fuel. perhaps d_n doesn’t wish to draw the ire of the oligarchy by challenging our department of war!?

you know, i think i may have found the solution while watching this week’s pbs’ Animal Reunions on Nature! we saw several scenes of men and women rescuing orphaned baby animals–like gorillas, chimpanzees and elephants–loving, nurturing and preparing these babies to return and live as Nature intends. after a few years the scientists returned to find out if the animals remembered them. oh boy, did they! this episode ended with a conclusion that LOVE–mother LOVE–is the most positive force in Nature.

the man who made friends with the elusive cheetah was also very interesting. she learned to trust her human friend and sought him out every day, but then suddenly disappeared. he put out the word and a few months later someone told him of a sighting that might be his good friend. he jumped in his jeep and rushed out to see and, yes!< there she was nursing her new born cubs. would she now fear him? no! she remained calm and in time the cubs were busy making a human friend.

you see “mother Love” the instinct to protect and nurture is a part of all of us female and male. all animals–especially mammals–but i suspect others LOVE their young. also cross species friendships happen more than most humans realize.

koehler concludes, “I can only hope that such change is reflected in the upcoming elections,” but my faith isn’t in the political hierarchy. vote your conscience but we need to respect all life as we respect ourselves! as 'theoldgoat’s video points out we humans are a part of a symbiotic living network!


thanks for the heads up, ‘theoldgoat’! i’ll have to find the entire move. i hope netflix will carry it?


that being said, i live in texas and wouldn’t mind at all to see beto o’rouke as a senator. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t say that most of the top 20% lives in luxury. Most of these people are in the middle class and while relatively wealthy compared to most people in the world they are probably feel they are struggling to get by, particularly in the US with extremely high tuition costs and healthcare costs. In the US at least, for many people life is mostly about status. There are many ways of seeking status and certainly second homes and large cars are included. I don’t think it is possible to change this status seeking fast enough to deal with climate change. I think we have to assume at this point that the temperature will go beyond 2C despite our best efforts and planning for adaptation will be critical. Adaptation to some extent will probably be possible up to 4C but beyond that adaptation may no longer be possible, We can sort of see what is coming but still lack the answers on how to avoid it.


yesterday i thought about an earlier robert koehler post in which he told about a day he felt rushed to head out for the office. it was a bitter cold chicago day and his preschool daughter refused to put on her coat. even though bob was running late, he took the time to discuss with his daughter and once she realized the decision was hers, she made the best choice and put on her warm coat. dads are so important in letting their daughters know we have authority over our bodies. that sense of self-confidence is so important!