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Climate Change and the Coming 'Humanitarian Crisis of Epic Proportions'

Climate Change and the Coming 'Humanitarian Crisis of Epic Proportions'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Climate change—and resultant natural disasters, droughts, and sea level rise—"could lead to a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions," senior military figures told the Guardian on Thursday.

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I don’t know exactly what temperature increase they are thinking about here but beyond 4C there are predictions of a population crash that would reduce the human population to a fraction of what it is today. The pledges so far add up to around 3.5C and that is too close to 4C, particularly since the potential role of positive feedbacks are not included. Add to that the Trump effect which could be calamitous and the recent reports that the trend of China burning less coal has been reversed. With the ignorant masses who deny climate change seemingly poised to exert political power in the US and several countries in Western Europe dealing with similar movements, even though there has been encouraging news about increasing use of solar and wind, pessimism seems to be growing. Right now it looks like catastrophe is ahead and efforts to avoid it so far appear inadequate.


Well, I am sure that those senior military figures have some military solutions in mind.
Military solutions seem to be the only solutions that our politicians ever consider.


To Lrx:

A new paper just out by Carolyn Snyder found - by examining proxy records for global average temperature over the last two million years - that 9 (nine) degrees C is quite possible over millennial timescales.

Here is the link and abstract. I’ve read the paper, and while there is some normal skepticism over her findings, I am reminded by Richard Alley and Lee Kump’s papers of the not too distant past that the rate at which CO2 is entering the atmosphere and oceans is perhaps unprecedented - and not only that, but possibly by an order of magnitude.

Here is the link to the Snyder paper:


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  • U.S. Military says climate change is a real threat.

  • Everyone (especially right-wing Trump supporters) LOVES the military and I assume consider it the greatest military force in the world…

  • And yet, most (many?) Trump supporters think climate change is myth.

There seems to be some kind of disconnect here that I just don’t get.


Climate change—and resultant natural disasters, droughts, and sea level rise—“could will most certainly lead to a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions …”

Fixed it.


Sorry guys,

The party is over. Out of control wildfires will likely continue, at the high temps we’ve seen the last few years, the forest service says, until all the fuel is exhausted.

This “by year 2100” fraud has got to stop. This chit is happening TODAY. With 36 degrees above normal at the North Pole this month, the eternal Greenland Ice cap is going to likely thaw again, which, if it breaks up, will raise worldwide oceans by an average of 21 feet.

And what can be done at this late date? Nothing. No one wanted to talk about population control back in the 70’s when it could have made a difference. We’ve still got ten to thirty years of temp rise to go, even if nothing increases (depending on who you listen to.)

Even if we go completely green, how the hell are we going to stuff 100 years of heat energy back into the ground from where it came? It cannot be done, since society is a heat engine.

Time to kiss our azzes goodbye.


Let’s set the military perspective straight.

The US government is the #1 world polluter.

The US military is the #1 polluter in the US government.

Eternal US war is the #1 reason for military pollution of Earth.

Solution? Start at #1. What should humanity do about Pentagonian pollution?


The election of DJDRumpf and gang will just speed up the timing of the calamity that’s already coming. Instead, of arriving in 25 or 30 yrs. now it will happen in 10 or 15. He doesn’t care like all of the uber wealthy he thinks he’s above natural law. When the shit hits the fan up ahead they will abandon the billions to their own fates and retreat as they always do to the hill tops, Mt. valleys and wherever the best water and land is and they will use military force to defend these redoubts. It probably won’t work in the long run if temps. rise above 3 C. Once the major sources of Asia’s water dry up War will ensue over the remaining water. Eventually, the rest of humanity will get dragged into the conflict. A few people will survive in the Southern Hemisphere, maybe. The 1959 movie “On the Beach” was pretty accurate up to a point.


More important than the refugee problem is the probability that our SPECIES is “on the way out”!


Probably the worst problem associated with the societal inequality that The Donald exemplifies is that, as those who control our destinies, they are blind to the fact that our species is now “on the road” to extinction, and people like Trump will be most responsible for that tragic “event.”


Agree with you Seadog except for the survival in the southern hemisphere (where I live). Once the radioactive shit that’s in the nuclear power plants hits the rivers which ultimately get to the oceans (recall Fukushima), it’s all over for all species. “On the Beach” book was totally spot on.


With a heavy heart, I nonetheless wholeheartedly agree. We are pretty much screwed, and then some. Here in Florida, where so many gullible dopes are still being lured here to live in “Paradise” (anything but since the late 1960’s) and where our usually cool Fall temps have disappeared and where winters like I used to see them have me (yes, even in Florida) wearing a tee-shirt on December 1st-which NEVER happened when I was a kid in the 1960’sand early 70’s. It is alarmingly hot, more than it ever was , even 15 years ago! How I wish I could tell all these fools to move out before the seas rise, how they’ve been BADLY fooled by the Chamber of (horrors) Commerce to believe this place is great. Not anymore. Overcrowded and unlivable, for the most part. Yes, we should have pushed for population control and had that discussion a long time ago. but that topic is taboo for so many. Our earth is now beyond overcrowded and we’re feeling the effects big time.


Thank god for you vaquero,

At least one human on this planet besides me realizes that the worst case scenario of 2100 is now the best we can hope for in 2020. Miami for years now has seen flooding on it’s streets according to postings I have read. Residents repeatedly lament that the city should fix the water mains. Except that it’s SALT WATER!

Is that true vaq?

The Marshal islands, the Maldives and the Solomons have been evacuated since breakers keep rolling through peoples bedrooms. The whole state of South Carolina went underwater a few years ago due to a “high tide”. Hundreds of villages by coastal rivers have flooded in SE Asia the last few years, and it’s not even in US news!

Fake News? Yes Obama, and it’s coming from you and Wall Street! Sea Level is rising a half inch a year, but that translates into twenty foot surge in some storm locations.


Thanks for the link. It has been obvious for at least a few decades that pouring vast amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is extremely risky. I think this study adds important information about the level of risk. It could be even much higher then we thought.

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Much more importantly China is the number one polluter. And there should be great concern about the recent report that rather than continuing to decrease, coal burning in China is now again on the increase. I would recommend putting aside the left wing political agenda stuff and look at what is really going on with regard to the source of most emissions. The largest source of emissions has little to do with the military. It has to do more with supplying electricity to residences and businesses and other types of facilities by burning coal.

In due course I will steal a nice steel yacht and sail, with assorted useful animals and family, male and female, together with some packets of non-Monsanto seeds, to Antarctica.

Bye bye!

PS. By the way, and just to cheer you up even more, the Chinese are opening a brand new giant oil and gas field in the Tarim Basin in western China. And of course there are the as yet untapped Levant Basin oil-fields off the coast of Gaza, Israel and Syria (ho hum, say no more).


It has been obvious since 1895 when it was first modelled by Arrhenius, Swedish Nobel Prize winner for contributions to chemistry.

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The entertaining part about the melt of the Greenland ice-cap is that the influx of fresh water could well divert the Gulf Stream, thus freezing the UK and northern Europe and possibly even odd places such as Nova Scotia and New York, which would entail a lot of climate refugees wanting to leave Europe until global heating returns the European climate to livable…in the meantime all those European nuclear plants would go untended. Could make a good movie…Oh, it’s been done… but it didn’t include nuclear meltdowns.


Hey old buddy,

Can you pick us up on the way? It’s not much out of your way (if you Pacific navigate like Magellan did!)

Did I mention we’ve got fresh fish and coconuts? You probably also need some Umpa Umpa’s for your Chocolate Factory Charlie!