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Climate Change as Genocide


Climate Change as Genocide

Michael T. Klare

Not since World War II have more human beings been at risk from disease and starvation than at this very moment. On March 10th, Stephen O’Brien, under secretary-general of the United Nations for humanitarian affairs, informed the Security Council that 20 million people in three African countries—Nigeria, Somalia, and South Sudan—as well as in Yemen were likely to die if not provided with emergency food and medical aid.


Intensified by the World Bank genocide/ethnocide/ecocide
"Right now, millions of people are being thrown off their land because large corporations are being given special rights. The World Bank is driving this trend with its Doing Business rankings. ¨

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Our indifference will only hasten our demise.


The coming climate disaster IS genocide, as well as a serious threat to every nation's security. Even the Pentagon under George W. Bush made plans to cope with the civil unrest resulting from food, water, and shelter shortages as well as floods of refugees resulting from climate disaster. The FACT that Trump and his cronies deny the reality of a serious threat that even the Pentagon is preparing for should be enough to get ALL of the Trump climate disaster deniers impeached and convicted for violating their oath of office by endangering the security of the United States, and then thrown out of their comfy jobs where they don't give a damn about anyone but themselves and their own privileged families.


I second that motion. Criminal negligence promulgated by way of executive orders is still actionable criminality.


Scientific method, or empiricism, requires the consideration of all data. If certain data is ignored, either purposefully or due to lack of awareness, then the resulting analysis is likely to be inaccurate and the conclusions false.

Since the late 1990's, it has been public knowledge that their are US military and intelligence programs that aim to control the weather as use the operative technology as a weapon to facilitate the objectives of the Anglo-Euro-American banking cartel, its corporations, and its proxy governments (including the US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, and Israel).

This article, like 99% of those published concerning climate change, ignores the factor of weather as a weapon, and how such technology could be used to "reduce the surplus population," as Dickens' Scrooge, a usurer from the City of London, put it.


It has been known for quite awhile that CO2 causes global warming - natural CO2 variation is what has driven the 200,000 year ice-age (Milankovitch) cycle for millions of years, and anthropogenic CO2 injection does the same thing at warp speed. The science behind this goes back 200 years, to Fourier.

For there to be any actual science behind alternative global warming theories, there would first need to be a tangible hypothesis (such as who is doing specifically what, how and why). But even that much rigor is too much to ask of people like you.


Politicians may be much more aware of the real cause of climate change. Burning fossil fuels does not help and destruction of tropical forest certainly reduces oxygen production and increases concentrations of CO2. However, historically, this planet has seen surges of earthquake, volcanic activity and general increases and decreases in temperature, but these changes have happened over many tens of thousands of years. Some changes have almost certainly happened suddenly as a result of asteroid strike and pole shift (see the current and predicted accelerating movement of the position of the North Pole at the NOAA web site and have been accelerated by the affects of excessive plate movements causing extensive earthquakes See USGS web site earthquake link (then click the cog top right hand corner, select Magnitude 2.5 + worldwide to see how many earthquakes have occurred in the past month then hit search earthquake archives and hit the – button on the map to see the worldwide locations(1439 at 17.00 GMT 06.02.16 up from a few hundred 11 years ago!) and volcanic eruptions see volcano discovery erupting_volcanoes.activity now up to 43 from 3 ten years ago. See also theeconomiccollapseblog. archives/40-volcanoes-are-erupting-right-now-and-34-of-them-are-along-the-ring-of-fireCurrently, as a result of the pole shift, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (211 active volcanoes!) are on the increase and there are over 3,500,000 fissures in deep ocean releasing much more greenhouse gases than man produces and pole shift will increase this volume. Hence the huge spike in CO2 recorded by the IPCC! (It is not us driving 100 times more for the past few years!) So prepare for more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and more severe climate change in the future! Our next pole shift is well overdue....the last one caused mass extinctions worldwide. See also magneticreversal web site and Florida sea level rise on you tube where sea level rise is not to do with global sea rise but to do with pole shift as North America moves south towards the bulge of ocean at the Equator. Areas approaching the Equator are sinking, areas moving away from the Equator are rising.

In previous pole shifts, there is now strong evidence to show that leading up to such events, oxygen levels decrease as more 'poisonous and inflammable greenhouse gas' is released from the increased number of volcanic eruptions, deep ocean fissures and earthquakes. In addition, following massive volcanic eruptions, without sun to allow plants to grow converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, carbon dioxide levels increase and oxygen levels fall exponentially. See earth-pages.co.uk 2014/04/17/oxygen-magnetic-reversals-and-mass-extinctions Wild weather is on the increase monthly. Please see SOTT Earth changes on you tube.


Rigor? You mean like reading my post, for which the link was provided? And responding to the facts? Too much to ask for a soggy thinker like you who apparently is unwilling to look at ALL the data. But then, that is why logical fallacies pass for science, because most persons don’t understand the principles of empiricism.


Why all the passion to refute virtually the firmest consensus in science, comparable to the consensus that species evolve from other species? If you're interested in the real story from real climate scientists, check out realclimate.org. (Not likely, I know, because you're hot for dark secrets disclosed by blogosphere iconoclasts.)

Incidentally, you're right that tectonic activity is increasing, and dead wrong that this accounts for CO2 increases, which are well accounted for in a vast body of scientific studies. It's the other way around: sea-level rise (caused by warming) results in more mass around the equator and less at the poles, deforming the malleable planet and spurring volcanos and earthquakes.

When you distract from the clear truths of climate science, you're effectively lending your support to corporate ecocide, to fossil fools.


It's called shooting yourself in the foot. We did it to ourselves... just some of us are closer to the front of the line than others.

Population Overshoot is the core cause of the situation. Close to every problem we encounter can be traced back to simply too many people for the earth to support. Some areas are blessed with more resources (or rather, just haven't been stripped yet) and instead of living within the constraints of our environment, we continue to push the numbers.

In the end, Nature/Science has the last say. Whether it is famine, disease or war, saving/rescuing a million today will mean there are an additional 20 million more down the road, that will need saving again, in a world with fewer and fewer resources.

In history, when populations got too big, we simply moved down the road. When we stripped the soil of nutrients, we moved on. Now there is no more road to use.

While I may appear cold and callous, this situation has been forecasted for the last 50+ years... and we choose to ignore the science; a finite world has finite resources. Overshoot, in population, has toxic side-effects... not enough food, stripped soils, degraded water, climate change, rising oceans, loss of lands, etc.

It took all of the earth's history to reach 1 billion people in the 1800's. It took less than 150 years to reach 7 billion people. Think about the consequences of that. While Genocide is a side effect of climate change, it is only ONE of the many ways we have committed genocide for all of us.

Until there is a rational plan to deal with the consequences (how about birth control to start with)... we just delay the inevitable and condemn even more people in the end. Just think about it.


I am sorry, but... if you REALLY do your research on the cause of climate change/global warming.... and HOW it is caused by humans.... you would not be able to follow that type of thinking... please read more on actual climate science... you can start with the fact that there is an actual carbon cycle... just like the hydrological cycle... but WE have messed with the carbon cycle (now, too the water cycle) and therefor voila... climate change. However our messing with that cycle... was NOT done on purpose, but by pure greed and power mongering... .through fossil fuel burning...


Yes, I’m not denying those facts. I’m saying that any so-called “scientific method” or “empiricism” which refuses to acknowledge the existence of weather-as-a weapon, as a factor in “climate change” is incomplete and faulty. As you may have noticed here and elsewhere, “scientists” refuse to address this data, and ceaselessly try to distract the argument to some other point. One cannot claim to be scientific and refuse to consider data that they find politically distasteful.