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Climate Change Deniers Become Extinct in Canadian Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/22/climate-change-deniers-become-extinct-canadian-election

I am massively disappointed in the election results. Greens won only three seats and the party closest to them in promoting policies to address climate change (the NDP) won 24. Green still only got 7 percent of the vote, as urgent as the need to address climate change is.

The lip service the liberals pay to Climate change means nothing as they were basically elected on a jobs and growth platform.

The only positives is that the right wing and racists Peoples party barely registered in the election , and the Liberal Government is now a minority and will need the NDP or Bloc to maintain power.


My guess is the tarsands pipeline to the BC coast will be voted for with Liberal-Conservative support. I’m not certain the NDP will try to bring down the government over this issue.

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Also, the corporation behind the Pebble Mine threatening Bristol Bay is Canadian. Not to mention the fish farming corporation polluting Puget Sound with Atlantic salmon.


This guy really buries the lead: Trudeau lost beaucoup popularity! That smug little sellout is their Oblama, and the author couldn’t quite bring himself to adequately cover his demise. Canadians love to pretend they are superior to us, but instead, they’re just a decade behind.


So you would have preferred that the conservatives won who want to build far more pipelines, far faster?

This election was the best outcome to be had with the parties that were running. The liberals will have to move left because they will need the support of the NDP/Bloc/Greens.

The Pebble Mine is in the USA, it is up to the US (or Alaskan) EPA to stop it.

I am not so sure on that. The reality is that even the Progressive Conservatives “moved left” with Scheer advocating Centrism rather then pursuing the far right policies some advocated. This could very well lead to another split within the Conservative party. Just as some left to form the PPC , the majority of those on the more extreme side of the party will likely soon be discussing forming another “western party” like happened with Reform.

Now here the problem with the scenario of the Conservatives allying with the Liberals on that pipeline issue. The Liberals know the Conservatives want to see the Government fall. Scheer has already alluded to this. The Liberals know that where they might get support from Conservatives on that pipeline, the NDP and Bloc will be much more willing to withdraw support on other issues if they do so. There are some lines not to be crossed when a minority party seeks alliances on a case by case basis.

The Conservatives will work to see the Government fall. The other parties are not so willing to do so but WILL if this sort of thing happens.

The NDP , Green and Bloc will all lose support if this pipeline goes through under the scenario you envision. There might not be an immediate defeat of the Government but it will happen.

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Yes, you are correct about the mine being in Alaska. I was just pointing out that there is Canadian corporate money backing it.

This is a best possible outcome in my view, and we voted last evening in Calgary Signal Hill.

This is what democracy looks like on the ground. No one has a majority - hence compromise is necessary. The Liberal/NDP is a good fit - it will produce results I think.

This morning, day after election, Husky announces yet more layoffs - no doubt the timing was well considered.

But real jobs - decent jobs - are gone, and this is why the prairies is mad as a hornet. The people on the ground are being affected negatively by the demise of the patch - and no real alternatives are present with a leader to deliver. I am almost finished Bernie’s fine book “Where We Go From Here”, and it is a real education in politics let me say, at least for one who only dabbles. He devotes a chapter to saying why he campaigns in say Kansas, which went overwhelmingly Trump. Because you can’t leave people out - to die on the vine - says Bernie.

Makes sense to me.

I want Jagmeet and May and Trudeau out here a lot - to talk to us, and propose real solutions rather than the Temporary Worker Permits which are toxic.

Husky Energy announces layoffs Social Sharing

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Not one mention of Canadian foreign policy and the possibility of change there. 60% of the world’s mining companies are based in Canada, I believe. Those companies, with Trudeau leading, are behind The Lima Group. The worst bunch of murdering crooks since Cheney and The Gang served the extraction industries.
The crushing of Indigenous people in our Southern Hemisphere can be laid at the feet of Canadian Multi-Nationals. Their dirty work is in SE Asia, as well. The Canadian Government is nothing more than a whitewashed version of the worst elements of the old British Empire; racist and cold-blooded subordinates, mercenaries really, of the U.S.
No thanks.

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I listened to the CBC post election diagnosis today throughout most of the day. Every segment spoke to Climate change as being one of the most important factors determining this election and an issue which would affect how the Liberals govern with a minority. Members of the Greens. Liberals, Conservatives and NDP were all queried on this several times over and even the Conservative spokesperson indicated he felt Climate Change played a role in how well their party did and he suggested they lost votes because they were not clear enough on their proposed solution to the problem.

(The Conservatives claim that investments needed in technologies to mitigate CO2 emissions rather then cutting or taxing hydrocarbon consumption)

In other words outside Alberta and Saskatchewan and to a lesser extent Newfoundland and Labrador (all oil producing provinces) the electorate felt this an important issue. This leads me to question the sincerity here as in if any of those other Provinces also major oil and gas producers would they suddenly feel Climate change not that big an issue? How much of this concern is motivated out of “It no skin off MY nose if there less Oil and gas consumption” over a true concern for the environment?

Now the Bloc has come and and said it will not support any new pipelines anywhere in Canada. The Bloc is a Quebec only party and won the third largest numbers of seats.

The NDP has indicated it does not support more pipelines and specifically TransCanada so it doubtful support can be gained here.

The Liberals have indicated they understand the concern for the Climate expressed by Canadians and claim they will speak more specifically to this issue in their next term.

The Greens , well we know where they stand.

So the question becomes how will the minority Liberals work the next con , pretending to be concerned for the Environment even as they just bought a pipeline and want to push its expansion through to the West coast?

I have the distinct feeling we are going to face a whole lot of BS from more then one of the Political parties as they try and sit astride both sides of the fence on this issue. Now unlike the USA with its duopoly , feet really can be held to the fire here by the Greens, the Bloc and the NDP when it comes to issues concerning the Environment. It in fact politically advantageous for those respective parties to do so but will it all be just an act so as to garner that support or will there be genuine policies promoted and forced on the Liberals to get serious about this stuff?

It important to remember this. The majority of Canada’s progressive Social Policies where introduced during times where we had a minority government. This includes our Old Age Security program, our National Health care act and our Canada pension plan. Smaller parties in a minority government have more leverage then under a majority government.

Let us hope they use it.

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When Canada starts suffering droughts like the Southwestern US, they will see the light. But of course it will be too late. No place to run or hide. Just like Trump.

Thought you might like this USA perspective on your election. The author of Heated, Emily, seems to agree with you about the vote in Canada being the best possible outcome. Especially for “climate action” with the new government.

Thanks Reb - just read your link - accurate enough !

I had a deja-vu moment today. Cruising the Mount Royal University campus here in Calgary this morning, where a part-time job fair was in progress, I stopped to chat with the reps from CNRL, that’s Canadian Natural Resources - read big BIG time Alberta Tar Sands. They gave me a stainless steel straw, complete with little stainless steel cleaning brush, in a nice canvas carry sack, which our fourteen year old son has just claimed as his own.

I was in the patch for eighteen years as a consulting wellsite geologist, and drilled wells in all four western Candian provinces, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Virtually all excellent memories - a tough job in a tough place, bringing home the bacon.

I told those reps I was now an environmentalist these last fourteen years, after my seven year stint as a full-time mountaineer, and that it was time to wake up and smell the coffee.

I believe it will happen - we are after all - facing extinction if we don’t.

We should stop hating each other - and make social justice, and justice period, our focus.

Bernie - I am now a convert, having read his book. I think Bernie would agree with what I’ve just said.

Thanks for sharing your journey in time and development. My math mind of course kicked in automatically and calculated that you are in the late Boomer generation - 1946 to 1966. I was born in at the very beginning of that cycle when the culture, values, prejudices, and beliefs in the US were very cohesive and widely shared among white people. Growing up female, however, made it very difficult to find my own sense of self and direction. It’s been one learning experience after another to get to the great place I am now where I know what makes me happy and to respect myself and what I’ve become. I really didn’t start getting my shit together until I was in my late 50’s. I discovered that the things that make me happy and sustain me is the place where where my feet are planted and the community I love. My neighbors in all their diversity, are my tribe and my family.

I agree that hate has to end and justice needs be our focus. I would add that there needs be justice and rights in law for not only people but for all of Nature, to exist, flourish, regenerate, and evolve naturally. I also believe that local communities have the right to govern for their own health, safety, and welfare; peacefully and without harming others or the environment within a framework of just law and political norms that make that possible.

As to Bernie and politics as it exists in the USA now, I have absolutely no faith that our system of governance can or will produce peace or justice for the people or the natural world. If Bernie is nominated, which I seriously doubt the Dem machine will allow, I would vote for him. If he doesn’t make the ballot, I’ll vote my conscience and vote Green again as I have for years. I gave up any belief in the Dems with the election of Bill Clinton. It’s been all downhill from there at a very rapid clip. The downhill slide actually began with the death of JFK and accelerated with Raegon (sp) and Thatcher, but that’s another story…

Take good care of yourself, your wife, and your son, as I know you will. And keep posting here. I really enjoy “talking” with you. :wink:

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Yes - justice for the natural world too - maybe, just maybe, you can’t have a ‘just society’ without rights for the environment - too much hypocrisy if you don’t ?

I was born in 1950 - when there were 2.5 billion people, probably about the carrying capacity for the planet.

All the talk here on CD is now focused on DC, and of course one can see why. But there is an excellent article on regenerative farming here with only two comments. https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/23/key-saving-family-farms-soil

The tangled web that is the modern world seems to be getting its act together late in life as well, but it sure is hard to keep all those balls in the air. Faith that each specialist is doing his or her part - we have to have that faith I think, and not try and do it all ourselves.

You know Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre, that was his mantra - the ‘just society’.

I wonder what he would think of what’s going on ? He was a very smart man.

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Sorry to take so long to reply to your excellent comment. I’m WAY behind on this weeks bread baking and meals for my elderly neighbors. Aackkk!!

I picked up the article about the regenerative farming when it first posted and no one was even there. Food and farming is my “thing” and I really like to discuss it here, but people just don’t get it. Without sustainable, regenerative agriculture, and taking care of the living soils, we will never be able to tackle climate chaos. Which leads us back to the rights of nature and the environment being key to stabilization of all of the Earths natural systems of balance and co-evolution.

I just ran across this article on the history of Canada that you might find interesting. I know virtually nothing about Canada or Pierre Trudeau, but this article puts some finer points on him. Take a look.

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Thanks for that link Reb. I just looked it over quickly and will do so thoroughly.

I am presently wearing an “Avro Aircraft” ballcap. I am a pilot as well as a geologist, and the story of Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow is one I investigated thoroughly just this past year. It was Diefenbaker who killed the program ostensibly, along with the first commercial jet. It is a long and involved story, but basically the US came up here and stole our fighter and all of its top design team and they then worked on your Moon Shot. So yes, I can buy the deep state here - but whose ?

Regenerative farming - you bet - key - smaller scale - local - a la Wendell Berry - everything organic, the way it was supposed to be. Until we get rid of the junk food - health costs will continue to skyrocket, and an unhealthy population can’t think or act in their own best interests. It’s foundational, from breast feeding on demand to raising your own children with an excellent healthy diet - I could go on and on…

The elder Trudeau was an actual genius - very strong personality. His son is a pale shadow, and there is a deep state running the show here in Canada right now.

I work on the ground with real workers these last fifteen years, from factories to framing residential homes to receiving - and I can tell you from this unique perspective what I see, especially right now - a race to the bottom, orchestrated by big publicly traded corporations. We will all be back to sixteen hour days and the kids in factories if this is allowed to continue.

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And to @Rebel_Farmer (CD rules)

Forgot to mention, our friend Greta was just on the Athabasca Glacier in a snowstorm apparently, with a scientist and an ecologist. I was on this same glacier three years ago with a climbing partner who is now in a wheelchair after a solo climb gone south. When we were there we unexpectedly came across a scientific team measuring the thinning of the glacier, called ‘downwasting’. They had inserted four meter metal poles into four meter holes drilled into the ice before the melt season, and when we met them they were literally flabergasted as the poles were all now lying on their sides, i.e., the glacier had lost at least four meters from the top in ONE MELT SEASON !!!

If you read this link, Greta Thunberg witnesses Athabasca Glacier’s decline as part of Alberta visit, you will note that this years downwasting was six meters, another gobsmacking indication of the upcoming demise of this iconic glacier on the world famous Icefields Parkway, opposite the visitor center halfway between Banff and Jasper.

Since the glacier visit by our intrepid climate warrior, Greta has spoken to a crowd of some ten thousand in Vancouver, and I read a comment in the Globe and Mail about it which I repeat verbatim, from five year old Lyra Blaze, taken by her Mom to see Greta in person:

Lyra: "I need to listen to Greta’s news. She talks about the orcas, and she tries to save the planet from all the bad guys."