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Climate Change Destroys the Lives of the Poorest Human Beings First


Climate Change Destroys the Lives of the Poorest Human Beings First

Charles P. Pierce

We begin our tour in West Virginia, where the state supreme court apparently became so swampy that it has made the state legislature there want to holler, throw up both its hands, as Marvin Gaye once counseled—and in the loudest possible way, too. The legislature is moving toward impeaching the lot of them. From The Charleston Gazette-Mail:


Americans have largely ceded their democracy several years ago, along with their privacy and most of their Bill of Rights; all for a bogus sense of “security”.


Could someone enlighten me? How are going to make steel without fossil fuels? How are we going to make concrete without releasing millions of tons of CO2? There are millions of voices crying we have to stop their uses but not a single word on daily life afterwards. I don’t mean the usual, “We will simply transition and life will be great”, but a plausible explanation of what happens as fossil fuels disappear.

John Michael Greer comes close, I believe, in his book Retrotopia. Basically we are just supposed to work hard and be happy with the life we have, we don’t need all those modern conveniences anyway.


“Climate chaos” is a better term than “climate change” to describe what’s occurring. Beyond that, although it may be true that the poor are the first affected, as the new report by Johan Rockstrom and others notes, our SPECIES is in deep trouble now, and it’s highly likely that OUR species will soon “be no more”!