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Climate Change Effects On People’s Health


Climate Change Effects On People’s Health

César Chelala

At a global level, the number of weather-related natural disasters has more than tripled since the 1960s, resulting in an enormous amount of death.

"Rising temperatures and altered precipitation patterns will likely decrease the production of staple foods, particularly in the poorest African countries. This will result in increases in malnutrition and under nutrition –particularly among children-, which currently cause 3.5 million deaths every year."


99.9XX% of the population and the planet are economic externalities to the “owners” and their knob-twisting minions. No change can occur without drastic (i.e. revolutionary) changes in decision-making strategies–specifically moving away from gross-domestic-product-based paradigms. The owners know this and are terrified, because it is the GDP game that fills their coffers. The busier they keep the masses the more power they accumulate. It is neither efficient nor enjoyable for most, but until the tide is turned, it is reality. As we know, the tide IS on the rise.


Look at this from India’s New Delhi !

Surely some global cultural tipping point is close at hand.

The silence of the many are Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘cancer’ growing, methinks ?