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Climate Change Growing Increasingly Bad—and Increasingly Unfair


Climate Change Growing Increasingly Bad—and Increasingly Unfair

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

There is no equity when it comes to who is most affected most by climate change, researchers said Tuesday, as a pair of new reports were unveiled, highlighting who will suffer the most as a result of the record "hot and wild" climate as well as the "increasingly visible human footprint on extreme weather."


I had hoped that this article would speak more on the effects of climate change on agricultural production and compared that to previous years. There's a picture about agriculture but.....


"Overshoot and Collapse" was the phrase used in 1972's "Limits To Growth." Since WE have not developed an effective detoxification response to our pollutants poisoning our planet's oceans, weather systems, water and food resources that prediction was updated prior to Fukushima. It would occur NLT 2024.

I've heard "sixth mass extinction event" used, but it is the old one, "famine," on a global scale.

Seven years ago, at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, Ban Ki-Moon warned us that "Nature does not negotiate." When our food chains become so contaminated that they disappear, become extinct, as they are doing now, his warning seems rather prophetic, just not specific enough to make a difference in the outcome.


I am always amazed by peoples reluctance to change, as the ONLY THING CONSTANT is change. Climate change is normal and has been going on since the planet was formed. Geoengineering, once denied but now openly admitted and explained in countless patents, has somehow for some reason escaped the logic part of human reasoning for many people regarding so called man made climate change. A few minutes on Geoengineeringwatch.org and any misconceptions about whats really causing catastrophic weather events around the globe are easily, readily, and completely resolved. Patents don't lie and money leaves easy to follow footprints. Climate change is real, the propaganda reasons are not! Investigate before you insinuate.