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'Climate Change...In Real Time': California's Frightening Fires Are the Nightmare Scientists Long Predicted


California’s latest heat wave and dry spell has zero to do with anthropogenic global warming. California commonly has mega-droughts lasting over a 100 years at a time. The last 200 years have been abnormally wet compared to historical trends. Michael Mann is a huckster pushing the global warming hoax for personal gain.


I appreciate the passion in your post, but it needs one clarification: Congress’s actions are not born of stupidity, they are a product of greed. G


What the heck Dan. While that is true all it means is that the mega droughts will be much much worse and probably last longer due to current climate change caused by too many humans using too many resources on the planet.


You are just plain wrong Dan. I am 5th generation Californian and have a long memory. Not that it is going to change your mind but here is a good chart trcking global warming which is directly toed to carbon being emmitted since the industrial revolution. https://globalclimate.ucr.edu/resources.html