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Climate Change Is Behind the Global Heat Wave. Why Won't the media Say It?


Climate Change Is Behind the Global Heat Wave. Why Won't the media Say It?

Leah C. Stokes

Last week’s heat wave brought record temperatures to Southern California. Hot winds blew fire into my community in Santa Barbara County, ripping through a dozen homes and threatening hundreds more.

I tuned into the local news channel, where reporters reminded viewers that we had just finished a record-breaking fire season. They strained to list all the fires we’d had over the past decade. There were too many to recall.

Fires are happening a lot more often across California. You can’t accurately call it a fire “season” anymore. The season is year-round.


Perhaps the media is owned and controlled by the very forces that profit from the use of fossil fuels.

See it really isn’t that hard to understand…


The more that is burned the more that is earned.
'Til death do us spark.


Climate change was behind record crop damage in Europe from cold temperatures too. I wouldn’t hang onto the “warming” scare too tightly as now “Global Cooling” seems to be a paradigm.

As for increasing fires in California? How about increasing population = more sources of stupid?


The #1 media advertisement dollar is automobile-related, sales, insurance, maintenance and repair.
The media bias can be called “Not biting the hand that feeds you.”


Climate Change Is Behind the Global Heat Wave. Why Won’t the Media Say It?” . . . . . . The mainstream media won’t say it because we live in a culture where we are paid to conform and do what is demanded. The manipulators know that truth has now been re-shaped to ONLY be what social/economic obeisance demands and coerces. Lying pays the bills. Truth always depends on money.
Freedom? Human virtue? Honesty? Democracy?
The animal farm continues, waiting for owls to tell the truth while the hordes vote for more enslavement and predation.


Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes


Corporations are much like the police or doctors, they cover each others butts, even if the reasons in the above posts were wrong (which they’re not), corporate leaders are not going to snitch each other out.


Who is doing this and with what motives?


This is outdated denialist mantra. where you been?
Even denialists admit Anthropogenic Global Warming is happening and partially caused by humans.
the left and right agree that its happening and most on both “sides” believe it isnt as bad as the scientists say.
However the truth its actually worse its happening even faster than most scientists and people with basic math and science understanding.
The record cold is a fact of climate change. Weather patterns across the world are mainly the result of the JETSTREAM ever heard of it?
with the arctic melting it has produced a massive change in the once upon a time stable jet stream.
If you honestly cant tell the climate ois changing you must be either under 20 and or spend no time outside. Im guessing the later. I have talked to plenty of Repub conservative types and they all beleive in climate change, but I am outside most of the time talking to folks who farm, work, hunt, etc…


Dude spend some time in the desert or west coast during summer. NO COMTRAILS.
your actually hurting the debate by posting this nonsense. HUMIDITY allows you to see jet combustion trails. Water vapor is a result of combustion.
The actually geoengineering they are testing and planning in Ivy league schools and the Government yes this one is Hydrogen Sulfide crystals to block sun. That wont look like comtrails either.
AGW is happening faster than predicted WITH comtrail nonsense.


truth is you did not do your homework like most people. . Geoengineering has been going on for over 70 years. This along w so many factors is polluting the whole planet


At least Scientific American covered it. A UCLA atmospheric scientist was quoted. "But these extreme bouts of heat will likely become more common—and temperatures ever higher—as the world warms. And as they do, the records set this week will eventually themselves be toppled. “It’s the future,” Swain says. “At some point we will exceed [this heat] again in the next 10 to 20 years.”

And here is the explanation for what happened according to the article. "The recent heat wave was the result of a high-pressure system parked over North America that gradually bled westward. This caused those downslope winds to uncharacteristically develop in July, sending temperatures skyrocketing. The early timing of this heat wave means temperatures got an additional boost, thanks to longer summer days and the season’s more intense sunlight.



Why would media report global climate collapse?

The job of media is to brainwash so capitalist pirates can grab as much as possible before life on Earth ceases. Media won’t report that every living cell is contaminated with a cancer chemical cocktail. Nor does media report measurements of radiation flowing toward the united states from Fukushima. This list could become long.


Of course media ignores this. This approaching catastrophe demands such radical and probably impossible changes that it is easier to simply ignore the reality and pretend the ship is not sinking - like our corporate media and rulers are doing for example. In the meantime we argue, fight and belittle each other over minor disagreements that are ultimately meaningless and accomplish nothing. We are in this together and any hope for survival demands united collective action. We can do that but only if we put ego issues behind us and start caring for each other.


They are called “contrails”. Not “comtrails”.


And not chemtrails, the favorite term of conspiracy theorists everywhere.


And, with the next hurricane season… will Puerto Rico be totally treeless and will New Orleans, be a totally sunken underwater city? Since the 4th of July Southern CA has had mid 90s to over 100s…9 days in a row. I saw the floods in Japan----wow.

If America wasn’t bombing people all over the world------what would the effect be of stopping all the bombing. Would bomblessness improve the planet’s air? Is were an answer to this question?


It would certainly free up money and valuable lives to help combat climate change.


But first you need a president who believes climate change is real and it would help if both major parties agreed on the reality of climate change. Most likely the freed up money would be used for further tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals. Or maybe to build a big wall along the Mexican border. Or for more detention centers for asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants.