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Climate Change is Greatest Public Health Threat: Leading Health Advocate


Climate Change is Greatest Public Health Threat: Leading Health Advocate

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Climate change is the greatest threat to public health worldwide and doctors must step up to help mitigate it, according to a leading advocate speaking at the annual Canadian Medical Association (CMA) meeting in Vancouver on Monday.


Just one more reason to nationalize the fossil fuel industry.


I'm sure Big Pharma is working on a vaccine to get us through it -- !!


When Limits To Growth (1972) issued its dire predictions and hair-on-fire warnings that industrial output and population growth must be dramatically reduced immediately (1970s immediately) to avoid the otherwise inevitable massive dieoff of human population in the first half of the 21st century, their graphs indicated that right about now (midway through the second decade of the 21st century) we'd begin to see the leading edge of the inevitable catastrophe.

Their analysis relied entirely on projecting our collective rate of consumption of available resources, the resulting pollution and particularly the adverse effects of that pollution, which they approximated using one variable - the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, which by then (early 70s) was known to be increasing exponentially, driving every negative factor from reduced agricultural output to deaths by respiratory disease and the inevitable breakdown of the very societal institutions upon which we all rely.

Already one out of eight human deaths planet-wide is attributed directly to pollution.


" 'Climate change is very much of our own making...but as doctors, we have a vital responsibility to urge the development of a health-in-all-policies approach,' he said."

Hmm, i know of at least one Dr. (Jill Stein) who has been saying this for some time - and she is running for Pres.! We are damn lucky to have someone like her stepping up to the plate, and IMO, we oughta take advantage of that and support and vote for her in "very large numbers" .....

Stein/Baraka '16

And, wow, there is another one running for Sen. in MD - Margaret Flowers!

Hot damn, folks, what are we waiting for - needing water wings to get to the polls?



I want Dr Jill Stein to be our next POTUS. She will get things done as they are supposed to. She will do things the way the main candidates don't want them to be done.


I guess that didn't pan out. Yields have been constantly increasing.


And how would that solve the "climate change" problem?

The government will shut down fossil fuel production and destroy the country's economy? Unless it's some kind of dictatorship like Venezuela that government will out by the next election. Now, why did i pick Venezuela? Cuz they did actually nationalize oil companies, and even tho they have the largest reserves in the western hemisphere it didn't seem to work out for them. On top of that, the government is subsidizing the price of gasoline this encouraging consumption.


until now ..


Andrew --

Agree -- normal human temperature is 98.6 -- we have temperatures now beginning to
move into the 100's -- but even when still in the 90's we're getting "feels like" 112 degrees-- !!

Overpopulation, combined with the expected "standard of living" even for average citizens
is overwhelming in it's insane consumption.

Personally, I think it's a 3 way between Global Warming, nuclear weapons/nuclear reactors and

The only positive thing to be said about Global Warming is that it is a threat to all of us --
(sadly animal-life, as well) -- but the rich and the poor - because it's never a case of only half of
the boat going down.


I have said this for a long time but not just a health crisis.It will be a financial, infrastructure, food, housing, natural disaster and political crisis. Also our apathy will cost our children and grandchildren big time. note, I didn’t mention great grandchildren.


And so when do people ask themselves why they continue to have children knowing this?

My Fabulous Apocalypse...