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Climate Change is Here and Now, Dire NOAA Report Warns


Climate Change is Here and Now, Dire NOAA Report Warns

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Environmental records of all kinds are being shattered as climate change takes effect in real time, scientists warned on Tuesday.


The Arctic is melting, it's so out of control that energy conservation won't stop the big meltdown, and the climate movement isn't looking beyond energy conservation. Bye!


And Trump still does not believe.
But worse is Hillary who says, yes climate change is real, but who cares because we must Frack, Frack, Frack to keep her bankers and oil barons happy.
It looks like it is time for the politicians to clean house, defund NOAA, and outsource the weather service to Monsanto. All future weather reports and warnings will henceforth be via QR codes only.

As long as the Corporate Parties are in power, the World is doomed.
Please vote Jill Stein and the Green Party.


Then there is near term human extinction-


I"liked" your comment---it should be "agree" as I hate ----and fear ----what is unfolding. I do believe too many human induced tipping points have been crossed that will render the planet uninhabitable for most if not all life.


Yes, it is a shame for us that Greed and Power trumps Humanity, simple as that. Like the old saying goes "It does not take many bad apples to spoil the batch". But don't worry about mother nature and the planet, she will squish us like an annoying bug...


Exactly my sentiments.


True, but a lot of beautiful innocents go with us.


I posted a video of the Ellicott flood (as viewed from a restaurant) a few days ago----here it is with Paul Beckwith commentary and additional footage:

"Restaurant at the END of the WORLD"



And yet all the "leaders" in the USA--biggest contributor to climate chaos--are focused on TPP, fracking and endless wars rather than on this emergency. We need to find a way to bring these criminals to account. How about massive citizen arrests? Total non cooperation to bring on a moratorium from where we can proceed.


i point interested people to today's post by Richard Heinberg, for a good assessment of the intertwined roots of this crisis, and a good critique of the absolute lack of leadership at this time of unprecedented crisis.


Again, it is imperative that billions of humans make their life work with the Earth, producing food, composting, making biochar, planting and nurturing trees.

These activities pull carbon out of the atmosphere and sequester it in soil and living biomass.

They also have nothing to do with "consuming" useless omnicidal crap that is sold to us by heinous corporate juggernauts. We need to make sure that everyone gets a fair share, and no one can accumulate mass "wealth," but instead make sure everyone is taken care of as the organizing paradigm for income and wealth.

We need to get real clear, real fast, that a human future is only possible if we prioritize our roles in the ecology and biosphere, and prioritize equality and justice in the economy.

We need to simultaneously overthrow the stupid "endless growth, endless profit, exploit extract and market" paradigm that has seized "the economy" and distorts not just politics and media, but our own consciousness.

And don't forget to add Giovanna's "total non-cooperation" to what is on your plate. If you want a future.


moved my post.....accidentally hit the wrong reply button


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) released its annual State of the Climate report with the dire warning that 2015 was the hottest year on record since at least the mid-to-late 19th century, confirming the "toppling of several symbolic milestones" in global temperature, sea level rise, and extreme weather.

Can we please get a distinction already?

The way this is written, suggests that there was a hotter year on record earlier in the 19th Century. The distinction missing, is of course that record keeping BEGAN in the mid to late 19th Century. That particular lack of distinction happens time and time and time again, no matter what the source. It drives me clucking nuts.

No doubt, deniers grab onto such like flies to ______.


Corporations have the leverage to get taxpayer funded bail outs for climate change induced impacts, we don't. We will be forced to keep paying to bail them out as we burn.


Where will the children go
to play and sing of future things?
Where will young lovers go
to sigh over sweet dreams yet to be?

Where will the old ones go
to grieve at what was lost?
Where will the greedy go
to hide from what they choose to do?

It won't be the end of humanity. It won't be the end of the world either.

Did you really think that we'd get off as easy as that?

Imagine all the misery and no place to go? It doesn't end - it just continues to worsen. Imagine that as the near future! All in your lifetime not 50 or 100 years from now!

Just no place else to go.


How did I get so lucky to be here for the end of the world?

Are they just going to bake us out of existence, dump the rabble & rubbish, is that the idea?

Big Money in the funeral biz, I imagine. Who owns all the crematoriums in this country?

All the multi-billionaires gonna move down to the Bush Family Aquifer in South America and live it up for a couple of years before they go stay with jeezus?


Seems like Hillary is all for solving the problem by poking a stick at the Russians until we have WWIII and "nuclear winter". That will take care of that little global warming thingy.


The positive feedback loops have begun. And we are still pumping CO2 into the air like its free. If we could somehow stop polluting tomorrow, we may have a fighting chance. But since you would sooner pound a wet noodle up a wildcats ass than see emissions eliminated so quickly, we are faced with but two choices, start building spaceships, or accept our fate.

Yessiree, we have screwed the pooch. And it seems the only solution we can muster is to continue screwing that pooch.


Over all I think this article was fairly well written. The only reason I'm bringing this point up is that so many articles, not necessarily on Common Dreams, are really poorly written leaving out reams of information and often the article just keeps saying the same thing over and over again in different words.

The information presented in this article leaves one wondering what we are waiting for. Why can't we respond in an intelligent way to stop or lessen these catastrophic impacts from global climate change and other man caused activities which are destroying so many species of life on this planet? Some people seem to think we, human beings, are immune or will save ourselves before it is too late. It is too late to save a lot and whether it is too late to save our own irresponsible and destructive species is not clear.

Is it really all simply a matter of greed that has us in this death spiral? This certainly appears to be the case. There is another article on Common Dreams which I haven't read yet where Pope Francis is quoted as saying: "Capitalism is terrorism against all humanity." I agree and I wonder if the Pope related this statement to the dying earth. Sick from the dreaded and often fatal disease called greed.