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'Climate Change Is Here': August Was Another Hottest Month for the Record Books


'Climate Change Is Here': August Was Another Hottest Month for the Record Books

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Another month, another temperature record shattered.

NASA data released Monday shows not only that last month was the hottest August since record-keeping started in 1880, but that it tied with July for the warmest month in the last 136 years.


A bit more perspective.


This won’t be enough to reach the people who don’t care about stopping Trump, the US presidential candidate who proclaims climate change is a hoax started by the Chinese.


I love xkcd - thanks for sharing.


“Climate change is here, its effects are being already felt in a variety of ways…and we do not need to wait years or decades to see its effects,” she says. “We should heed the warnings and act now, investing in preparedness and emissions reductions, so as to minimize possible added (and maybe worse) future risks and impacts.”

But if Hillary is elected, she’ll approve the TPP, too-big-to-jail, and a host of other policies that will eviscerate what’s left of the middle class. Then we’ll probably wind up with a president who does not merely deny climate change, but rounds up all the scientists and environmentalists and puts them in gulags. In other words, I think there’s a real possibility we’d be better off, in the long run, if Trump were elected. (Disclaimer: I’m not voting for him either.)


Trump, Hillary and Johnson all want to increase oil production by using fracking and drilling additional wells.

Hillary may say that she recognizes that climate change is real, but like everything else that Hillary says her words are meaningless and false.


Nothing will be done at the federal level, since the owners won’t allow it. Change must come at the state and local levels. The oil companies are willing to take climate change past the point of survivability, as long as they continue making a profit.


Nor will it be enough to reach the people who don’t care about stopping Clinton, whose climate policies will prove entirely inadequate and will cause the same results as Trump’s–chaos, violence, xenophobia, blaming, war, ecological collapse, disasters and social collapse. If you’re a procrastinator, Clinton’s your man, (more or less; trying to be, anyway) because her policies will delay utter collapse by, you know, 6 months or a couple of years.


In case anyone is interested to see just how stupid is possible:


My jaw dropped as I read through the myriad of blind banal opinions cited as irrefutable facts.

I tried to donate a negative dollar amount, but their system could not cope.


somebody needs to do a math as to what happens in the next 30 years? The growth seems like exponential…exactly what level, I have no idea…so, let us get a math person here…thank you.


As Naomi Klein has said, they hate human-caused warming, because the solution to it, is a direct threat to their ideology: maximum personal ‘freedoms’, minimal cooperation and govt regulation.


And it may become a problem; you never can tell. Or can you?


I think that’s about it. As one such person described it to me before the last Presidential election; " We are soccer Moms(we need big SUVs); we cherish our rights to individualism,( no one is going to tell us how to live our lives), and, if it’s not in the Bible we know it isn’t of God, and consequently, not real.
One thing is for sure: everything up to this point has been a bust, and we are running out of time.


Well, let no one accuse you of missing the forest for the twig, eh?


It’s going to take unprecedented levels of radical action just to be able to start mitigating the effects of a wildly overheated biosphere. The warming is probably past the tipping point anyway, but as long as capitalism exists, we can’t even go about the business of preparing for the deep ecological change our species requires to survive our imbecility.
We just don’t have the luxury of talking about reformist tinkering. If ever there was an age demanding the ascendance of the radical, this is the one.


Good morning. It’s 5:20 a.m., that’s why I’m up at this strange hour, and it’s primary day. In our state a couple of former Bernie supporters are having important primary day elections to our state legislature. It really causes the herd to start moving when you cull some of the least progressive critters out of the herd.

You write that it’s going to take unprecedented levels of action. One day at a time and today is primary day.


It is very nice that people write these types of articles… but, then they talk about “taking action” or whatever… and that action is usually and always, one thing… “We have to switch to renewables” … Well, I’m sorry, but that is not enough… Never do I read that we ALSO have to RESTRUCTURE OUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM… OUR CULTURE… not really… when I read that we will STOP DOING LUXURY ORIENTED STUFF… AND FRIVOLOUS MANUFACTURING…ETC… then, I will be … a little more satisfied.


The math is frightening, that may be why nobody is looking. The CO2 levels in the atmosphere are now rising at a rate of over 2ppm per year, and that rate is increasing. In the next thirty years, say 2050, we will most likely be looking at 450-475 co2 ppm, perhaps more. Completely uncharted territory. The last time the CO2 level was that high was long before humanity rose, and during a time of great vulcanism.
Temperature estimates have also erred on the conservative side. We are now past 1 degree C since the industrial revolution, and that rate is increasing yearly as well. If it continues to increase at its current rate we will blow past 2degrees C by 2050.
While I respect scientists prudence, and their aversion to hyperbole, they are now doing us no favors by continuing to sugar coat Global Warming. The shit has hit the fan. It is currently spraying on all of us.


Radical climate disruption is already baked into the cake. Government at all levels is too slow to react to any of this. We as individuals need to take aggressive steps to lower our own CO2 footprints. Do whatever you can to make your home more energy efficient and move away from fossil fuels as an energy source. Natural gas is only one third cleaner than fuel oil for heat. A recent study released by Harvard shows that 90% of all ground transportation can be done for less cost with currently available battery electric vehicles. Fossil fuels are obsolete. The only way in this capitalist society we get away from using these sources of energy is to stop using these sources of energy. If there is no money in it, the oiligarchs will quit pulling it out of the ground.


Here, here. When i tell them, that ecologically and economically we are destroying the Earth and there is no way to go “renewable” they call me a trump supporter or espousing the ideas of the oligarcy.
I am a subsistence ecological farmer. Who couldn’t find workers bcause its hard and shit service jobs are easy and plentiful.

People wont “get it” until the food trucks stop running. Because there is no food to deliver.
Then, of course it will be too late. If it isnt already.