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Climate Change Is Scary—Not the Green New Deal

Climate Change Is Scary—Not the Green New Deal

Bill McKibben

Myron Ebell of the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, the man who led the drive to pull America out of the Paris climate accords, said the other day that the Green New Deal was a “back-to-the-dark-ages manifesto.” That’s language worth thinking about, coming from perhaps the Right’s most influential spokesman on climate change.

Polling for the Green New Deal is through the roof, especially among young people so ably organized by the Sunrise Movement.

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McKibben is on the mark.

The attempts to scare the public over the very notion of a Green New Deal, do so in a highly calculated effort to cover up the fact that we should INDEED BE SCARED if we do NOT DO things to reverse the planetary damages of climate change.

Since they cannot successfully refute evidence, using FEAR is the tactic of choice. When the fear-mongers have total access to a hugh web of media outlets, they pour it on.

We need to fear … the fear-mongers.


Right wing think tanks attack the GND because it “‘calls for…replacing our vehicle fleet with…mass transit’”…

…obviously trampling my freedom of road rage.

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" Climate Change Is Scary—Not the Green New Deal" Great title, Bill - I’ll remember that one for the right liberal/right wing threads where the ‘scary’ adjective crops up.

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