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Climate Change Is So Much More Than a 'Single Issue'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/12/climate-change-so-much-more-single-issue

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Politics is a game show. Perez wants to win that game show. Self interest is a losing strategy.


Jeremiah, thank you. You have chosen a honorable path in life, be very proud.

Maybe it would get press attention if people from states and cities with horrible water started mailing water to Mr. Perez to get his attention. People could mail bottles of water and other items too, or drop them off if they lived nearby, showing examples of what bad air and water and food have done to their families. Sometimes a picture, or even a taste can be worth thousand words.
Maybe a rogue water delivery person could help out—with the office water coolers. : )

Perez is just a lackey. I doubt he controls or influences anything. He’s a mouthpiece, a front–man for his corporate masters. He just does what he’s told, so attempting to influence him is a waste of time. We need to do an end-run and get to his masters hiding in the shadows. that’s where the power is

The gag order on climate is a clue to the identities of hidden wizards. My experiences with propaganda exposed oil companies corrupting government.

Defenders of Perez say that there has been a DNC rule since 2015 that prohibits candidates from participating in non-DNC debates, and that’s why Perez announced that even though the DNC will not hold a climate change debate, any candidate participating in a climate change debate outside of the DNC will be excluded from DNC debates.

Yet there will be a “Poor People’s” forum https://www.politico.com/story/2019/06/12/2020-elections-poor-peoples-campaign-forum-1361838 on June 17 that some of the Dem candidates will participate in, but Perez isn’t threatening to exclude them from DNC debates. It’s almost as if the real issue is just what we all thought it was–the DNC doesn’t want its favored candidates’ corporatist positions on climate change to be the focus of discussion.

yes agreed

"The great storms of the world are coming, the Great Waves of change, the great upheaval. For humanity has sown the seeds of this for a very long time. You are standing at the cusp of a new world experience. It is not the end of the world, but a great transition to a different kind of world reality.

Indeed, you have been sent into the world for this purpose—to participate in the world under these very circumstances that you may seek to avoid or to deny. It is because you do not know yourself. You are not yet connected to the deeper Knowledge that God has put within you—to prepare you, to guide you, to lead you to a greater life of service and meaning in a radically changing world." From " Being Centered in a Crashing World" newmessage.org