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Climate Change’s Iniquitous Transmission of Urgency: The Gulf South


Climate Change’s Iniquitous Transmission of Urgency: The Gulf South

Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

The “South” is not Just a Preposition, It’s Also a Condition

The “South,” both as a global region and within industrialized countries, is where the people most vulnerable to climate catastrophe are located. It is here that we find the highest concentration of fossil fuel sacrifice zones, home to low-wealth citizens who enjoy little to no access to political power in their respective nations. And it’s here that we find some of the more efficacious models of climate resistance and resilience that you’ve never, or barely, heard about.


Thank-you, Anthony. You're right about the South and the "South" effect, to be sure, but as an effect, it is global and hardly limited to southern regions. Northern climates are every bit as sensitive to global warming and, in some ways, even more so. Far northern climates, especially, have seen disproportionate warming. The same "South" effect applies equally to far northern regions in Canada and Alaska populated by poor indigenous communities with little political clout. Think Alberta tar sands and Alaska pipeline to mention just a couple of examples.

As for COP21, couldn't agree more. Just another in a long line of COP OUT talks designed to mask business as usual as progress.


Of many powerful insights and right-on observations, this one stands out:

"Climate change is also a system of oppression that forms the intersection of racial, economic, gender, and Indigenous and ethnic injustice. Hence, the climate crisis requires an intersectional response: you cannot deal with climate disruption without addressing the disruption of all forms of justice."


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This is a great piece of writing that integrates issues beautifully. I will be referring many to it.