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Climate Change Sets Stage for Droughts of 'Unprecedented' Proportions


Climate Change Sets Stage for Droughts of 'Unprecedented' Proportions

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Within this century, global warming will bring about disruptive, decades-long droughts in the U.S. southwest and Great Plains, exceeding even the driest periods of the last millennium, according to new research released this month.


This isn’t even a projection. Here in California, we’ve been stuck in a long-term drought for years. Farmers are sucking so much out of aquifers for irrigation the land is sinking. With higher temperatures, any precipitation in the Sierras comes down as rain - the whole mountain landscape is like nothing anyone’s ever seen. With no snowpack, there’s nothing to feed the rivers through the rest of the year, and the whole regional ecosystem is novel.


In the development of serious understanding of our planet’s history, there were basically two camps: gradualism and catastrophism. The stratigraphic records support both at times and places. The right has latched onto the gradualism camp along with the “it’s not my fault” meme. Furthermore, the right represents itself as the “moral” choice. How the right’s ignorance and arrogance are going to vex their progeny–and everyone else’s. It’s why I chose to not procreate. Really. How stupid (greedy) can humans be? Divide zero into one to get the answer.


Continuing to wonder what part weather modification(s) have had in climate change/global warming, and why climatologists never mention it. Why would the UN have a treaty prohibiting weather modification in war (UN Weather Weapons Treaty, 1976) if weather modification weren’t a fact? Who/what may have been playing with boiling the ionosphere to produce what weather where & when?


I’ve seen some photos of Tahoe, not looking good. My grandparents used to live 10 miles from Folsom Reservoir, as a kid we would drive by it, now there’s hardly anything left. We have good snow pack here in MT but the last two weeks have been in the 50’s and all our low to mid level snow is gone, in fact the rivers are rising something we don’t usually see until April.


Less lettuce, More solar farms.


We dont make good agricultural choices here in california.
Both almonds and walnuts consume horrendous amounts of water.

So we are effectively shipping out tiny packages of ‘consumed water’.

On a brighter note …
these posts were formerly swamped with trolls from Red State. So the new comments system is holding up well ( so far).