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Climate Change Unleashes "Fire and Fury" on the United States


Climate Change Unleashes "Fire and Fury" on the United States

Wenonah Hauter

Weeks ago, Trump spoke of fire and fury regarding North Korea. But this supercharged hurricane and fire season is unleashing its own fire and fury on the U.S., while Trump remains impervious to the facts of fossil fuels’ contributions to these disasters.


There are clearly two answers for this:

  1. Pray the gay away and
  2. Turn all the victims white.


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" Trump remains impervious to the facts of fossil fuels’ contribution to these disasters."

One has to wonder how much longer the climate deniers much like druggies addicted to heroin, will continue to be in denial and realize that they are addicts hopelessly, addicted to fossil fuels.

It seems to me, that the only antidote, to this ubiquitous, miasma of addiction, is some kind of non-violent all out war on the fossil fuel industries, starting with each one of us doing our part to help in eliminating this pollution and drug addiction that is devastating our planet.


The deniers will only change when they hit bottom and they themselves become the victims of the global warming they so vehemently deny.


I am not sure all of them will change even then.


Any one of these weeks or months, our politicians might just get around to removing Herr Fraud.
Take your time now.


Looks like the planet’s immune system is kicking in.


Right On!   GAWD (the Great All-Wise Deity, whose real name is Mother Nature) is getting even with the heathenish denizens of Texas & Florida who deny Her physical laws and/or voted for Tweetle-Dumb.*

IMHO, suggestion #1 will have no effect whatsoever, and suggestion #2 will be fulfilled by one of Mother Nature’s numerous stars (the one about which our planet orbits) bleaching the remains of those irrational enough to ignore the effects of Global Warming.

*  Note that no conscious thought on the part of Mother Nature is involved in this mindless retribution.  Mother Nature’s laws, which have been in effect for approximately 14 Billion years (ever since the so-called “Big Bang”, more or less) take care of their own enforcement.  Gravity is one example, as is E=MC2, the inverse square law of radiant energy, and the absorption of heat by CO2 and CH4 in the atmosphere, etc, etc., etc.  In other words, “You Can’t Fool Mother Nature!”


Uncontrolled growth, destruction of natural environments all lead to changes in the way Mother Nature operates. We sit and complain when due to our actions and choices, nature does what it does. There have always been severe storms, but when we choose to live on coast lines at sea level or below and then are somehow surprised when storms cause damage doesn’t make sense.


In the developed world’s quest to amass money and stuff, we overlooked the needs of our planet.

Industry and government merely helped facilitate this.

Mostly to their advantage.


Or those who choose to live on coastlines at sea level aren’t surprised because they expect insurance buyers and taxpayers who don’t live there to rebuild their luxurious lifestyle accoutrements 16 times over… and counting…