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Climate Change: When the Military Makes More Sense Than the Politicians


Climate Change: When the Military Makes More Sense Than the Politicians

Daniel C. Maguire

The American idea was that the military’s zest for battle would be curtailed by a civilian-led government. Now generals Mattis, McMaster, Kelly et al. are seen internationally as the last ditch guarantors of common sense. They have their work cut out for them as King Goofus the Tweet launches adolescent taunts at potential enemies from the Oval Office and calls real national security threats like climate change a “hoax.” The experience of the mad dogs of war often breeds caution and an instinct for danger. Colin Powell warned George W.


Perhaps one of the Adolescent A$$hole’s Generals will be packing a 45 and not hesitate to use it before one of the Nitwits nuclear launching wet dreams climaxes.

We can only hope.


There are many of us already in the “big fear” zone. What will it take to bring millions more into that zone, so we stand united with pushing our Congress and fake president into action to stop our stupid policies from more damage?


An outstanding statement of brutal facts coupled with urgency and hope! Thank you, Professor Maguire.

When I read something this good and true, even when it is frighteningly serious, I feel a bit more hopeful. I wish that the determined denialists would read it, even though I know that they would counter it with some BS about “Jobs”, as though the only way for “jobs” to exist is to keep doing what we’ve been doing, and do it some more. More fossil fuel extraction and consumption. More continued reliance on century-old technologies of waste and ecosystem destruction. Eventually, if certain climate tipping points are passed, jobs and paper profits will lose their luster.

After reading the comments relative to the Fox News article yesterday, a few of which were, in my opinion, unfairly critical of Common Dreams, I would like to point out the value of intelligent articles like the one above. I think one would be hard pressed to find something this good on other media


An instance of Military Intelligence, perhaps – a non non-sequitur, for once!   Or at least a non-oxymoron . . .

Did you mean the generals belonging to the Nitwit Tweetle-Dumb (singular) or those belonging to the Nitwits (plural) in his Cabinet (who are in general even worse than his Family,* although perhaps not quite so bad as the Nitwit-in-Chief himself)?
* Examples being DeVos, Perry, Pruitt, Sessions . . .


The US Naval War College (USNWC) identified climate change nearly three decades ago and has been warning the world of its potential consequences ever since.

With Trump ramping up military spending will he keep funding the USNWC and other branches of the military that are not run by yes men and yes women ?


Yes Festus, I was referring to the Chief Nitwit, the one with the Nuclear Codes.