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Climate Commitments Be Damned, Trudeau OKs 'Carbon Bomb' LNG Project


Climate Commitments Be Damned, Trudeau OKs 'Carbon Bomb' LNG Project

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
The Canadian government on Tuesday gave the greenlight to a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in British Columbia which climate experts and advocacy organizations say tramples Indigenous rights, threatens ecological damage, and essentially throws the country's climate commitments out the window.


Oh! Canada. Say it ain't so.


More like "I told you so...". The Liberals have done this stuff over and over again -- campaign from the left, fulfil a few feel-good promises in the first six months, then hammer down the right wing path for the next 3 years. Then, just before election time, they come up with some more hopeful promises. Wash, rinse, repeat....


Very disappointing.

I had hopes for young Trudeau, but he is embedded in a world in which the institutions are too big, too many, and too powerful - and dedicated to "business as usual".

I've been wondering if we here in Canada shouldn't have a referendum on this LNG project?

Either way, we the people would own it - and it might be the beginning of real democracy at the very least. The Internet makes this possible, for the first time in history.

Lincoln said words to the effect:

'with the peoples consent, nothing can fail - without, nothing can succeed.'

I've just finished Mikhail Gorbachev's latest book "The New Russia". Bottom line - Mikhail says democracy is the only way to avoid catastrophe, both militarily and environmentally.

I think he's right.


It's time for Canadians to get rid of Trudeau and elect a Socialist.


Big business as usual and no a "socialist" would not have helped here as the once Socialist NDP had also become a party supporting big business.

There are few genuine Socialists left.

The Green Party is the only one that would have stopped this.

This approval is not a done deal. Our First Nations peoples can still stop this in the Courts. BC is one of the difficult jurisdictions to force these things through as many of the tribes never signed treaties surrendering their rights and the Supreme Court has ruled those rights remain.


I live close enough to listen to CBC Radio. British Columbia's Premier Christy Clark was pushing this project as good for jobs, and the economy. What I hear on the radio, by the time this project is up and running ( I hear 10 years) all that money, and jobs Clark envisioned for British Columbia, by selling the gas to Asia, ain't going to happen. Why? Because LNG projects are happening in a lot of other places in the world to include Asia, a saturation of LNG. The price for LNG that Clark envisioned is going to be nothing but a dream, and British Columbia will be left with nothing but a colossal destruction of one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


So should the U.S. but alas for the two closest candidates to a socialist, one is barely pulling single digits, and the other is kissing the boot of the Red Queen who stomped all over his supporters.


The Zapatistas speak eloquently to extraction industry barbarism here;



It gets worse. The entire justification for the Site C dam is to provide part of the power needed for the LNG terminals. More environmental destruction.



I checked out that site, thank you very much! I live in Washington state close to the border of British Columbia. Standing on a hill on a clear day such as now one can see the mountains north of Lake Capilano, British Columbia, absolutely beautiful! Everybody wants jobs, and a good economy, but destruction of such beauty to get it, no way. My two cents, BC's LNG project is not going to be what it is promised, just a mirage. Keeping hope alive, it (LNG project ) won't happen.


Dr. Zickheld, why aren't you aware of the fact that Dr. David Wasdell believes that RIGHT NOW we are committed to a mean temperature increase of 6 degrees C? That implies that our future HAS no future!