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Climate Cost of Organic Meat Is Just as High as That of Conventionally Grown Animals: Study

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/climate-cost-organic-meat-just-high-conventionally-grown-animals-study

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Well, duh! It doesn’t take a study to figure this out - just common sense.


Forget the cost of the dead animals; it’s the cost to the planet which matters most:



Jury is still out for me until I read details, all the details, some of which may not come out until this research is thoroughly scrutinized, especially of who was behind, funded, this research, as a previous similar study that claimed similar findings vs organic I read a few years ago had, surprise, surprise, Syngenta influence behind it.


News is 30 years old .


Read “Cows Save the Planet” by Judith Schwartz. Grazing animals when grazed like they do in the wild is the fastest way to grow topsoil. Mycelium, and bacteria in topsoil, sequesters carbon even more efficiently than forests. It’s why the topsoil of land of migrating grazing animals were so deep. The American west plains were many feet deep of topsoil. A farmer in the NE kingdom of Vt grew topsoil by the foot in a year with small pastures and high impact grazing. Also read “Water in Plain Sight” by Judith Schwartz. It is another example of how water can be brought back to desserts with proper management. So industrial meat is not helping with improper grazing for sure, but as part of an Eco system the earth has had for millenniums, it is how humans are doing it that has been wrong…not the animals.


Well, I have noted how scientists sited intensive-farming, i.e. the cruel industrial sort of farming was the biggest culprit of climate-change. So I would like other studies to be done, looking at everything, for I can’t believe this! (although I will believe it, ifit shown how/why this is so, facts are facts… but scientists always suggested that organic would be better -if not much better… So why the gap, the discrepancy?
I do not ear meat, but I know people who would not want to give it up entirely - as we all do. We have to work in reality (I would love it if everyone would just go veggie, if not vegan but they are addicted to their diets, sadly!)

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Like a balloon mortgage, one day climate change will knock on the door and demand that giant goddamn balloon payment right now.

An enormous part of our CO2 problem has been factory farming, and a big part of that is raising, culling, and eating of animals. We are going to have to go “cold turkey” on eating animal protein, and we must do it quickly.


Of course it would. What is referred to as “organic” in Western cultures mostly only means whether synthetic chemicals are or are not used. Organic culture does not by itself assure proper carbon cycling. Non-organic culture can produce it. It is a bit easier when things are at least mostly without synthetic chemicals, but the correlation is not terribly critical.

Therefore, it is not being organic or non-organic that makes the climate cost of meat high or nonexistent. It is whether the animals are raised in a regenerative way, within the bounds of an ecosystem or whether separate and ecologically extractive means are used to raise them.

The systems that they have to test and compare with both organic and factory systems are regenerative systems. For the large hoofed grazers usually eaten by Westerners, this means rotational grazing, grass-fed livestock, and Savory-style integrated management. For other creatures, like chickens and turkeys and pigs, there are correspondingly regenerative systems. Again, these may or may not be organic.

This is broadly distributed information and has been for a couple decades; it is not at all arcane.

It is easy to underestimate the ignorance around key questions and basic functions of human society, but to frame the question as these studies have done makes one wonder whether those who carry it out are misinformed or disingenuous.


Eating ourselves out of our only house and home


The metrics giving rise to the claims in this article may give a correct analysis. The wrong things are being compared, however, and we need to start looking clearly at the problem.
Start with the NOAA proof that, even if we stopped all emissions NOW, immediately, it will take 1000 years to normalize climate to a condition where life can continue. The polluting has been done, the atmosphere is full of greenhouse gasses – in that sense the damage has been done.
What’s needed is to draw down the carbon and replace it in the soil where it belongs.
Current agricultural practices by industrial methods as compared with organic practices are not much different in Earth Cost. Therefore a totally new method of doing agriculture is needed, and we’ve got it.
Regenerative Agriculture does the job. It’s doing the job right now, this instant, in the care of those few farmers who do it.
What’s needed is to shift all the subsidies that now go to Industrial methods and send those subsidies over to Regenerative farming and ranching.
Joel Salatin, Farmer’s Footprint, Alan Savory, Charles Massy, Soil Health Academy, and Carbon Underground together with many others have a large part of the answer in practical situations – they are doing it. KB


Welcome to the community!
and thank you.

How anyone can look at this and not see SICKNESS and feel DISGUST …
I’ve never understood –

However, the issue also concerns the reality that we are HOPING that ORGANIC
FOOD is healthier and more nutritious for us – and will PREVENT ILLNESS.

True – the shelves of stores everywhere are moving to ORGANIC 'MEATS" –
and let’s hope that means more conscience is involved – but no guarantees when your
business is involved in confining and killing an animal and chopping it up – for profit –

ALSO, Americans are fighting back at GMO foods – they don’t want it – and that’s what
has propelled this expansion of ORGANIC fruits and vegetables on the shelves.
These are people who seemingly didn’t understand that pesticides do harm to our vegetables
and fruits – lowering the nutrition. Same for the PRESERVATIVES which keep salads fresh
for a week at a time – potato salads and coleslaw and other foods at deli counters.

Meanwhile, many of our fruits and vegetables are suffering damage – severe damage –
from Global Warming. Over decades it’s hurt one type of produce more or less at a time –
potatoes were the first I noticed and the “potato guy” told me at the time that he was telling
management that the potatoes were deteriorating much more quickly. For years now, I’ve
been storing my potatoes in the frig to keep them fresh.

Bananas are another example – a lot of bruising – a lot of variables at times. Often I have
to throw away a large part of the banana. I do buy organic when I can – but sometimes
you can’t buy organic – too green, whatever.

Tomatoes – Wow – they don’t ripe properly any more – only buy grape tomatoes.

Melons and grapes have lost flavor and have many other problems. This year, melons
have done a lot better and grapes seem to be recovering.

California naval oranges used to appear in September and go on for months –
every year now they seem to come in later and later – Same in the warmer months.
This year was very exception of course with the fires raging almost all summer.
They did arrive very late – and have been very sour – nothing like the juicy/sweet oranges
we used to be able to buy.





Yeah - kinda reminiscent of centuries of assertions that the Amazon Rainforest was pristine untouched lungs of the planet with the Flying Rivers circulating through the continent. And - of course Terra Preta - the soil generating practices that blow the mind numbing racisim of colonization by hairy faces… from which we are still struggling to lay to rest once and for all! Corporations have become what in Hebrew is called the golem - an animated anthropomorphic being that is created entirely from inanimate matter clay or mud. The word was used to mean an amorphous, unformed material in Psalms and medieval writing. (from wiki page). Corporations are people… rrrriiiiiiight

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For starters we can stop eating meat – if enough people made that change industrial agriculture would be transformed. Veganism is a further more complex option, but vegetarianism is like “low hanging fruit” - available for all – you just need a good cook book. My favorite “The Bean Book” by Rose Elliot


In that case, better to eliminate the species most responsible for climate change while going about its business of murdering billions of sentient animals for profit and please: humanity.

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B12 ruins all vegetarian arguments.
Homo sapiens do not need to eat meat more than once, maybe twice week for certain situations (pregnancy, wounds, or trauma) in my opinion. It could be argued that the proper amount is lower (we can debate data).
The point is … homo sapiens need it and theres only one source.
I try to eat as little flesh as possible for my reasons…I am doing my part.

STOP EATING ANIMALS - is the answer you are seeking when you are looking
for LEVERAGE over our elected officials and Elites who own them.

ALL LIBERAL ORGANIZATIONS should support this concept because we certainly
can and must expect that all liberal organizations understand that animal eating/dairy
is a vast part of the harm being done to the planet.

WHERE ARE OUR LIBERAL ORGANIZATIONS and WHY are they not acting together?
There would be tremendous power in doing that –

Just look at what the right wing has done with their “organizations” to move government
to the right –

Yawn, another meta-analysis of existing LCA’s not accounting for soil carbon loss or the different lifespans of GHG’s which is corrected by GWP* (hydroxyl oxidation)… So the math is just fake math. Thus just more drivel to push an agenda. The closest any of the researchers on this study got to a farm is the computer screen in their ivory towers. So they don’t even know what water footprints represent or that all land isn’t suitable for every use. This kind of analysis is really silly after a while.

You may be right - but after 40 plus years of not eating meat - including fish, and never really bothering about B vitamins or supplements in general - its hard to say. Maybe I got my vital amines as contaminants.

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