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Climate Courage—Cities and States Matter, Too

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/08/climate-courage-cities-and-states-matter-too

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“And such hope is not in vein.”

Mark the best answer

A) vane B) veine C) vain D) no change

Even short of full-fledged transformations, high-profile projects may serve as models and p.r. that changes political attitudes re a federal Green New Deal that supports state initiatives - especially if projects unfold in states as a job-creating, “just transition” for workers.

After some delay, Republican upstate NY is poised for rapid growth of solar energy farms that can put to work a lot of its unemployed rural population if carried out right…

Hi baska: I would choose “vain,” meaning not useful or successful

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Municipalities are behind in their bus systems - vehicle type, route arrangements, schedules. Standard 40’ buses do not convert very well at all to electric and hybrid/electric drivetrain. New bus models should be built from the ground up for (both types) of electric. I’m thinking FWD with a more stable rear wheel suspension. And smaller buses for 15- 20- 30-passenger plus 5 standees. The smallest would replace the 1970’s tech paratransit lift vans that should be low floor and low emission for seniors, disabled and all transit patrons.

I believe hydrogen fuel cell EVs have the least potential and plug-in hybrid PHEVs have the most, especially for larger vehicles like buses. Here’s a good rule of thumb: Daimler Corp has a new full size freight truck all-battery BEV model. Its battery pack is a huge 550kwh. A Tesla ‘S’ has an 85kwh pack. A Ford/Prius plug-in hybrid PHEV rated at an effective 100mpg have small battery packs of 5kwh. So, we can direct battery and charge resources to ‘ONE’ truck, 6 Tesla, or 110 Ford/Prius sedans. Since the truck recharges twice daily, double the Tesla and PHEV hybrids to 13 and 220 households that won’t get an emergency backup power supply parked in their garage if Daimler gets the resources to ship goods manufactured in Asia, packaged in plastic.


None of the cities that claim to be 100% renewable are actually 100% renewable. If you to be like these cities that’s fine, but its misleading to categorize their accomplishment as being 100% renewable, as that requires a feat that is several magnituides greater than what they have accomplished.

These cities have agreements with utility providers to purchase renewable energy whenever its available. But read that again - “when its available”. If a utility doesn’t have enough renewable generation its not going to just cut you off, but instead your 100% green city will likely actually be using fossil fuels.

If want truly 100% renewable energy then you would need your entire interconnection to be utilizing just renewables. Now perhaps for PR this explanation doesn’t help your cause, but if you wonder why EIA data shows that your city isn’t consuming only renewable energy this is why.

I saw that, too! I wondered if I was reading an article about opioids.

Yea…imagine the spellcheck and then grammar software put the human proofreader mostly out of work - but software still seems to miss things like this…guess programs could also flag every homonym as a possible error…

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