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Climate Crisis Fears Growing Across Globe, Study Shows, With Concern Highest Among Most Vulnerable

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/climate-crisis-fears-growing-across-globe-study-shows-concern-highest-among-most

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But this from the article:

“According to the report, concern about climate change is particularly strong among women” ( and younger generations, as well as among those with higher levels of education.")

Some islanders around the world have alteady had to move:


And this rare storm in the Med:


I have said for years that nothing will be done about global warming until it begins to inconvenience White people in the suburbs. Only when their lawns are brown, their AC breaks, and their little yuppie progeny have to be coated in SPF 50 to walk to the bus stop, will they start caring about it being summer 8 months out of the year.
And by then, it will be way too late.

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Yet again, Americans are proving unable to connect the dots, smh…the pandemic is a byproduct of climate change, lol.

It really must be frustrating to 3rd world peoples that their homeland(s) are being rendered uninhabitable thanks - in large part - to the simple stupidity of the USA’s citizens.

*Good point at the end of the article, Greta

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The photo here reminds me of the Ummagumma album cover.
And the song “Grantchester Meadows” reminds me of our environmental dilemma.