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Climate Crisis is Too Real to Ignore

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/29/climate-crisis-too-real-ignore

When Childers encounters resistance to speaking plain truths like this, it’s called silencing – oppression’s most effective weapon. It works by threatening you with exclusion (from work, from family, from “polite society”) if you continue to violate the ironclad rule enforcing silence. Never speak of past, present, or future oppression – it’s so very impolite and unprofessional, don’t you know?

Truth-tellers today are either outcasts, or soon to be. Revealers of the most pertinent truths get the most severe punishments. Oppression is allergic to truth.


From the article:

…at the very least, vote for uncorrupted candidates who take this problem seriously.

Bernie supporters will recognize Bernie in these words, but how many people will realize that the words also refer to the Green Party and not to 98% of the duopoly?


Living in West Virginia I am surprised that Childers was allowed to mention climate change in a classroom.

With the coal miner being the GOP’s poster child for at least the past five years, West Virginia secured its status as the epicenter of climate change denial.


“Figure out how you can help”. The easiest way is to forward this article far and wide. The second easiest thing is to donate what you can to this website that is giving you access to voices like Childers’, Thunberg, even Sanders himself. Btw, I was not solicited by CD to write this. Happy New Year, and let’s make it so.

Perhaps 15 years ago we had a slim chance to switch to renewables in time to avert climate chaos.

But that moment came and went. The big corporate interests the author cites – they won (if destroying much of the planet can be called winning).

Now it’s time to sit back and watch societal collapse unfold, taking countless species down with it.

In lifetimes of rather odd decisions, the smartest one the wife and I ever made was not having children. Shit’s about to get so real, yo…And by real, I mean really tragic. At our local XR meet up, at least a third of us are confirmed doomers. The others will come around in the next decade or so.