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Climate Crisis Not Worth Even Ten Minutes in Dem Debate, Sparking Calls for Event Focused on the Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/climate-crisis-not-worth-even-ten-minutes-dem-debate-sparking-calls-event-focused


i, for one, am not remotely interested in voting for any presidential candidate who isn’t a brazen & outspoken environmentalist. It’s a pretty simple litmus test.

Clearly, the DNC isn’t interested in my vote.


We absolutely need a debate focused, exclusively, on the Climate Crisis. It should be moderated by Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein.


Yes, we need a separate debate on the climate crisis.

We need the candidates to have ample opportunity to express their views on the topic and explain in detail their proposals for addressing it.

As Jay Inslee states, and I think Bernie gets, the climate crisis is the umbrella issue affecting nearly all others from domestic to international. Also, it offers an opening to find solutions to issues of inequity and justice as noted by Naomi Klein.

Many if not all Dem candidates acknowledge climate change as an important issue and even an existential threat but I want to hear how many and which realize how important an issue it is, how seriously they take it, and in what way and how they would address it.


Love the idea of having people like McKibben and Klein moderate rather than the news people.

And let’s just have simple questions instead of cutesy-framed and gotcha questions.


Pelosi is an embedded corporate shill Schumer is an Israeli fascist Zionist agent, both are there to undermine the progressive movement for change. People will have to occupy both Schumer and Pelosi’s offices until they agree to the people’s agenda.


Boil noun [def] Big Oil

Mine neither! I have supported the Green Party and asked Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State to join the Green Party after he said he was disappointed in how he was treated in the debates.


Here’s an idea – let’s do the debates the way they used to be done –

two individuals on a stage – carried on any day and anywhere –

volunteering their own visions for the future – and asking their own questions
of one another.

And the audience making clear the issues they want discussed by boos and cheers.

The idea of 14 or whatever candidates on a stage and corporate interests
deciding on the questions doesn’t serve the interest of the American public
and we all know that – don’t we?

We have to decide whether we are going to go around again in a situation where
we don’t get rid of the leadership and corporate control over the Dem Party …
or whether we are going to vote GREEN PARTY again (and again likely without
Bernie Sanders heading the Green Party) …

where we will have 4 more years of Trump trumping-democracy and the laws of the land.

Informally, any two of the candidates can begin to do this – C-span might give them time –
and/or it can be done and recorded for showing on YouTube.

I can’t see any local school in DC or any of our nations denying a stage to any two of the
candidates for debate.


The way it used to be done is they were put on by the league of women voters.
It went to hell when they were rejected from doing the debates and the DNC and RNC decided they would dictate how many debates would take place, who would be invited and what the questions would be.


Sounds like you & i are on the same page. Inslee JUST finished rolling out a Free From Fossil Fuels plan on Monday; they didn’t even mention it. i have a slight hunch that the DNC is going to rig these primaries for Biden, much the way they did in 2016…more and more, i feel like the Democrats’ only function within our corporatocracy is to serve as a “centrist” alternative to the far right.

i really hope the young realize all of this.


From my perspective, Biden is a lock for the Democratic nomination for POTUS in 2020, everything else, including the current debates, is nothing but a dog and pony show for sophomoric, American voters. The only function of the Democratic Party is to be the fake opposition Party.


There should be a debate where the only topic is climate change & another debate where the only topics are war, drone strikes, aid to Israel & US Bases in foreign lands.


Best one-sentence summary: Kevin Gosztola

But . . .   But . . .   Serious Answers to Serious Questions would turn off at least half the T-V audience and they’d soon change the channel to the National Tiddly-Winks Championships or re-runs of Lost in Space.  The half of the audience who remained tuned in would be stuck listening to a serious debate between the four or maybe five candidates left who understand the questions, and just how much fun would THAT be?  If MSNBC can’t profit from an entertaining race between two dozen (mostly) horses’ asses, why hold the debates in the first place??

I hope you are wrong about Biden being the nominee, but I am very much afraid you are right.


I support Greenwich’s idea, Rudyjo’s hark-back, and what you’re saying. Like to hear Gabbard laying out her vision for the future for about 5 min straight. MIC must have loved it when League of Women Voters got out of the picture. Scapegoating people (fascism’s favorite thing)…through war or through detention centers…is obviously where the focus should be. Not even FAIR is saying this about the debates. If you don’t count ACEWA’s current links, all I see is one piece taking Dems to task for Venezuela/Iran complicity, and that one’s only in Counterpunch’s new hard copy! Silence on war is fairly deafening. Must be something to experience in Gabbard’s shoes.



Yes, I never wanted to be more wrong, but to me, it is like mathematics… Biden can’t fail because Biden already has most of the super corrupt delegates in his hip pocket!

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An inhospitable climate to reason and reality

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Rudy –

Hi – actually, I’m talking about much further back in time –

Lincoln/Douglas debates - 1858 –

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858: Summary & Significance


In an effort to secure their own appointments to the U.S. Senate, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas squared off in a series of seven debates in 1858. Find out why Douglas might have won in the short term but Lincoln won in the long term. Stephen Douglas In the mid-1850s, America was facing a political crisis.

Americans can decide to do debates any way they think will serve their needs –
that is if we can move corporate control over both of the national parties out of the way!

Yes – the League of Women Voters were involved in a more honest system of debates;
but that has long been changed. Inconvenient for Elites.

Recall also that the American Bar Association used to have a lot to say about who was
selected by the President for the Supreme Court …
After the made clear that Clarence Thomas was unfit given his record, Bush made sure
they were OUT the next time round.


Well, if the DNC rigs for Biden, there will really be a mess because
the GOP party members all know about the weirdness of Biden’s
relationships with women –

and many know about the even more weird Biden behavior in his groping of
very young females in videos recorded by C-span of Democratic Swearing
In Ceremonies which are viewable on YouTube —

They may bring it up late – but it will be very damaging for Dem Party - rightly so.

Only way they could avoid it would be in some “deal” with the GOP …
like for instance, don’t talk about recent charges by Jean Carroll of a rape by Trump
in a dressing room.

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