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Climate Crisis Poised to Push 100 Million into Extreme Poverty



The Uber wealthy will have to pay for their greed and arrogance. When famine strikes, the rich will be dragged from their ivory towers, killed and eaten.......................at the least killed.


I'd 'assume' that they've tried to say that CC would kill 100 m by starvation, or environmental disaster. The question, perhaps, should be 'would that be yearly, monthly or daily?'


OMG! Another failed prediction in the offing. Until science is advanced enough to be able to understand the "100,000 year problem" and incorporate this the strongest naturally occurring climate forcing event into their mathematical computations, all their predictions will continue to prove wrong. Go figure. Then maybe they will be able to begin to accurately tell us when the earth will warm 2 to 3 more degrees, to the normal naturally occurring high temperatures of all inter-glacial warm ups of the past 500,000 years. Based on the extremely rapid warm up of the past 100 years or so, that might happen in about 400 to 600 years.