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Climate Crisis the 'Single Greatest Challenge' to Great Barrier Reef as Landmark Suffers Yet Another Mass Bleaching Event

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/26/climate-crisis-single-greatest-challenge-great-barrier-reef-landmark-suffers-yet

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An ecological gem, soon to be lost forever. Heartbreaking.


You could be talking about Mother Earth—the word “heartbreaking” doesn’t do justice to the straits we’re all in thanks to capitalist propaganda and apathy.

I couldn’t agree more. It looks like ecological collapse is happening faster and faster. I’ve said before I hardly recognize my Northern Rockies of Montana. Marred landscape from super fires and the remaining glaciers are all but melted away. Maybe “criminal” would’ve been a better word to use than “heartbreaking”… though it does crush my heart and soul.


Most of our downfall , if you follow it back to it’s source, is tied to greed or money in general.


I have a dear friend who has lived in Somers for 30 years. She says unchecked development has caused most of the collapse. She’s heartbroken as well. Be well.


This might not be the time or place for this comment, but I guess I will plunge ahead. I do notice that there are not a lot of people rejoicing over the current plague, though, despite its obvious reduction of emissions and potentially considerable reduction of human life.

Perhaps there is a lesson in sobriety here for some who have called for forcible reductions in human population or claimed to rejoice at the idea that humans might die out. But also, maybe some of my friends and colleagues are better than their words.

Greed is not just about material greed. It is also the procreation of many many more human beings that this amazingly beautiful planet can support.

The more children you have, the more greedy you are.

No lesson for me, or I imagine 99% of the “the Earth has far too many people” crowd that I belong to. All we talk about is people having fewer babies (like 1.5 average per woman would be nice), not killing anybody.

Point taken, Dara. It does leave you and the particular crowd that you refer t as not among those I referred to.

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